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For elite brands, celebrity endorsement is a powerful marketing tool and there is no bigger stage to leverage celebrity partnerships than the Super Bowl. However, for a majority of brands, justifying the investment for a multi-million dollar brand ambassador has traditionally not been feasible. That’s beginning to change thanks to the equalizing effect of the social web.

Consumer insights from social media conversations are changing the way brands make marketing decisions. Progressive marketers are using robust analytics to measure consumer appeal of almost everything – celebrities, athletes, musicians, movies, TV shows, characters, and of course brands and products. For spokesperson and celebrity analysis, social media can take a lot of the guesswork out of the process and simplify how brands identify and evaluate celebrity partnerships.

SocialSense - Social Index Report

Social Index of musicians for brand advocates of Mountain Dew as expressed across the social web.

The next wave of analytics platforms adds layers of relevancy previously unseen in traditional social media monitoring tools. This kind of analysis is more than the general popularity lists we see all over the internet celebrating the most liked brands, or most tweeted, or most followed, or most social. New social analytics technologies allow users to determine what’s meaningful in two key ways:

+ Segmenting social data into audiences.
+ Shifting from search to discovery focused technologies.

Brands are no longer limited to looking at social media as a single global data set. Instead, marketing professionals can create custom segments to analyze specific audiences and discover what’s important to them. The ability to create unique audiences allows marketing professionals to move from the most popular celebrities across the social web to the most popular celebrities with their audience. This kind of information can inform a multitude of content marketing decisions and can help brands find value in the area of celebrity endorsement.

How would this work? Let me outline a few options:

Sample Audiences:

+ Established consumer segments
+ Brand or product advocates
+ Fans of my competitors
+ Mentions of product category
+ Mentions of anything – a hashtag, @username, “keyword”


+ Most popular actors/actresses
+ Most popular athletes
+ Most popular musicians
+ Most popular TV shows
+ Most popular brands

SocialSense - Interest Report
Comparing the volume of conversations between the musician Skrillex versus the comedian Louis C.K. with the Networked Insights syndicated audience Tech Enthusiasts.

One of the keys to more effective celebrity partnerships is organic discovery. What’s the difference between search and discovery? Search technologies deliver the top posts in social data based on the terms or keywords you choose. Discovery organically clusters posts into themes identifying what you should be looking for without human bias. Rather than examining social data post by post, discovery presents the entire digital conversation landscape to reveal what is resonating with consumers making analysis easier.

SocialSense - Doppler Report
To illustrate the power of discovery technologies we’ve taken a screenshot of Doppler™, one of the features in SocialSense by Networked Insights.

Social media has proved to be a revolutionary communications channel. Social analytics technologies are fueling the revolution by making marketing decisions easier. How? By letting real-time insights from your target consumer inform the decision making process. The example above focuses on celebrity endorsement, but the same techniques are applicable for decisions brands make at every stage of the marketing lifecycle – planning, activating, measuring, and optimizing.

Powered by social technologies, companies are connecting with consumers in new and exciting ways. The next generation technology platforms enable the development of consumer-centric strategies guided by real-time consumer data. With all these capabilities at your fingertips all that’s left to ask is are you ready for business at the speed of your consumer? I say bring it on!


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