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Being their third year powering SMW, our friends at Nokia have really come to SMW13 with some amazing ideas around engaging our audience. Never one to want to just be on the stage, Nokia has plenty for everyone to enjoy this February.

Not only are they powering our mobile app, SMW Live and SMW RealTime so you can take part in SMW13 no matter where you are, together, we’ve planned some great activities in Lagos, Copenhagen, Milan and New York.

See what we mean below- from events to photo labs to charging stations, you’ll want to see Nokia in action!


Here, Nokia are getting literal- they’ll be supplying charging stations so you can stay connected throughout SMW13. So, keep an eye out for them at official locations! What’s more, as Henriette alluded to, we want you to really get involved! Hosting a “Video Question of the Day” survey, Nokia will ask you to share your views on where they believe social media is heading and what type of content they find engaging and most valuable for the users. They even have some prizes for some of the best responses!

Then, make sure you glean from their knowledge. You can check Daniel Fellows, Global Social Commerce Manager for Nokia, out on Tuesday at How great brands define social ROI (and yes, it’s livestreamed). Daniel will be sharing more about how social-ROI factors into Nokia’s work, something many brands are learning to present in a concrete way.

There’s also Music driven by Social media and new opportunities on Wednesday. With just a few seats left, you’ll want to snag one now to hear more about how Nokia pulled off “The Open Song Project.” From the creative process to what this means for the future of business, this event will be truly entertaining and enlightening.

New York

Nokia is no stranger to our SMW NYC community- and we love having them here! Making sure the week begins and ends with a bang, Nokia is one of the main forces behind the Opening & Closing Parties. Given their past with us, we’re expecting some fun surprises for the attendees…

Nokia is also making sure SMW NYC attendees don’t miss a beat with an incredible Simulcast set-up at the Global HQ. Streaming events from all over SMW13 and SMWNYC with incredible Monster Wireless Headsets, if you’re nearby, you want to see this. You can also get powered up by using the Nokia Charging Station- you know your phones and computers need it. If you’re wanting to try out a new phone and see the Lumia batter capacity, they also have you covered- offering the SMW NYC community trials of the Nokia Lumia 920.

But don’t forget to swing by their Photo Lab to see the power of the PureView Camera on the latest Nokia Lumia 920’s. Don’t worry, we’ll be sending them to your FaceBook profiles to share… Speaking of photos, Nokia has partnered to bring the 1197 Mobile Photography Conference to SMW NYC. With 3 days of programming and an interactive gallery, it’s the perfect place for you if you love your camera, your phone and combining the two.

Want to learn something? Nokia #SmarterEveryday is making sure you get the most of your experience by providing the Master Classroom at Global HQ, letting you get hands-on learning from some of the best in the biz. From leaders like Tumblr to Dachis Group to Nokia@Work, Global HQ attendees will walk away with knowledge they can immediately use. Nokia is behind some of our Master Classes like Designing Your Day: Maximize Your Brain, Maximize Your Day. Taught by Paul McGinniss, you’ll be given the neuroscience perspective on how to work with your brain to get the most out of your day- like what are the times of day when you are at your cognitive best?

There’s also Designing your day: Practical Tools to boost your creativity & productivity. To help you truly work smarter, this Master Class will give you the tools to help you reconsider your workday and understand what’s getting in the way of your best work; redesigning the way you work. You’ll leave with ideas and tools you can use to give you more get time to do the things you really love.

Then see the team on stage. Starting with Designing A Smarter Everyday, presented by Nokia@Work, as part of the Smarter Everyday series, this event takes the a considered approach using design thinking and similar models about how to work more effectively everyday. They’ll ask the questions of what does the perfect day look like; what are the best strategies for structuring a day to get the most from it; and more. If you’re serious about being productive and getting your start-up off the ground, these strategies are for you.

Moving to a different theme, The Social Engagement Hub: Re-Imagining The Contact Center As A Critical Marketing Tool brings on Sean Valderas, Nokia Care’s Social Media Manager, to join other brand’s customer service managers to discuss what a Social Engagement Hub looks like and why social customer service is so crucial.

If you haven’t seen Nokia’s Global Head of Digital and Social, Craig Hepburn, yet, you are missing out. SMW NYC is your opportunity. Swing by Bloomberg’s Business & Entrepreneurship Hub as he shares his experiences for Social as The Great Equalizer: Interviews With Companies Large and Small.

Rounding it all out, Nokia wraps up SMW NYC with something they’re passionate about- music. In partnership with SoundCtrl, Nokia Music is bringing a Music Day to SMW NYC. With Rock It: How to Drive Brand Awareness and Social Action Through Music Partnerships, you’ll be able to see how social is driving music and how Nokia Music is working with bands to provide a different music experience.


While it’s our first time in Lagos, Nokia didn’t let that stop them from providing some incredible experiences for our community there. Starting with the Pop-Up Photo Booth, you’ll be able to strike a pose with a professional portraiture photographer using a Nokia Lumia phone. Photos are instantly made viewable via an on-site live photo stream demo and available for tagging, sharing and downloading via various social media platforms. We all need a little fun in the week.

Then, get out and see Lagos with Nokia. The Lagos You Don’t See Mobile Hangout makes SMW Lagos mobile! Board our SMW LAGBUS shuttle and embark on a day long tour of Lagos’ top cultural, culinary and lifestyle destinations with one goal in mind… to capture the imagery of this vibrant city and provide the public with a new perspective on Lagos. Images will be shared throughout, and “Tour Guide Ambassadors” will lead programed discussions and mini-workshops. There’s still a few seats left- grab one now for a truly immersive experience.

If that wasn’t enough, Nokia is redefining social and providing an incredible opportunity for youth in the city. Community Project: Youth Photography Workshop works with the Ovie Brume Library to teach youth new skills with photography, providing inspiration and confidence.


The last- but by no means, least- city in Nokia’s SMW Tour, you can find Charging Stations powered by the team. So stay charged as you head out to see them in action at some great events, like Fotografia e mobile, oggi tutti possono essere fotografi. Exploring what it means to be a photographer today, you’ll be able to hear a deep discussion on the new mobile technologies and how this has changed the relationship with photography.

Keeping in theme with their focus on providing deeper learning experiences, there’s the Nokia Lumia Mobile Imaging Application Development Workshop. This workshop will go into the features and opportunities with Nokia Lumia Imaging, what AppCampus offers, and programming techniques with a hands-on lab.

Then, swing by to see Carla Eid, Nokia’s Head of Market Engagement, for Viaggio al centro delle conversazioni online: dagli insight alla strategia d’azione. Carla works intimately with our global team, and we couldn’t think of a better person to talk about the heart of online conversations. You’ll want to be there to hear her share.

Finally, end your week with Nokia at Social Media: 5 Trends for 2013. After 5 days of cross-cutting themes that have touched the world of social media and how they affect the daily lives of people, it’s time for conclusions: what will be the trends of 2013?

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