Rocking in Scandinavia: Meet Nokia Copenhagen’s Henriette Povlsen



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For the third year, Nokia returns as our Global Headline Sponsor; and it just keeps getting better. As one of the leading social brands, we thought it high time you got to know the faces behind the company. We have some great things in store for this February, and we want you to meet the teams working with us. Kicking off in Copenhagen, meet Henriette Povlsen.

Henriette, can you tell us a little bit about your career with Nokia?
I joined Nokia four years ago. Previous to that I was working on the operator side for 10 years. So I have always enjoyed the dynamics of the telco industry, the fast-pace and ever-evolving development in products and solutions. Working for the Nokia brand was a bit of a dream. It has such a heritage, especially in Scandinavia and has also been a fundamental part of my life, ever since I received my first phone. As a user I have tried out many competitor products, but always returned to Nokia. I don’t think I will ever cease to be excited when new products arrive – it’s like Christmas Eve every time. What gets me excited to get out of bed every day is the feeling that I can really make a difference. We’re such a small team in Denmark, but still we accomplish quite a bit, by managing our relations and delivering quality. At the same time being part of a global organization with such a great opportunity to learn from and share knowledge with smart and competent colleagues around the world gives me a lot of satisfaction.

What Nokia campaigns would our supporters in Copenhagen be familiar with?
Many will be familiar with our “Amazing Everyday” campaign which was launched in connection with the arrival of Nokia Lumia and as a part of that our project “The Amazing Everyday Documentary Project” which won a DIA (Danish Internet Award) in the Telecom category. We have been working seriously with co-creation and user involvement as the foundation for our local activations for the last two years. In our latest “The Open Song Project,” we have received overwhelming interest in terms of user involvement. The project was a collaboration between Nokia and the renowned Danish electro rock orchestra Spleen United, which brought a new experience to the video format. The project evolved around quality content captured by the Nokia Lumia 920, showcasing an interactive music video consisting of 16 music video clips done with the Lumia 920 with no use of photo editing or filters, just the raw quality output from PureView.

This is the first time SMW comes to Copenhagen. Can you tell us more about the culture of mobile in Copenhagen overall and how Nokia has adapted to it?
Denmark is one of the most penetrated smartphone markets in the world, and in Copenhagen, the smartphone usage is naturally even higher. As a consequence, mobile as a touchpoint can easily be included in all campaign executions. It also means that our target group is very familiar with usage of smartphone functionalities. When we include user involvement in our projects, it’s fantastic to see how excited people get about Nokia Lumia and the possibilities the product gives you as a user. So when we get the product into the hands of the users, WOM is very powerful in a market like Denmark.

What’s your favorite feature of the new Lumia 920?
Without a doubt the camera, which you can always count on taking excellent pictures. But besides that, I must say that I have really become dependent on the People Hub and especially the possibility of creating groups that you can share and synchronize images, calendars, notes (even grocery lists) in such an easy way. It just works – and helps me facilitate the boring stuff, so I can spend time on all the things that really matter.

During SMW CPH, Nokia will be asking attendees a short survey related to a daily theme. What can attendees expect to see on these daily surveys?
In our “Video Question of the Day” survey, we will ask attendees’ views on where they believe social media is heading and what type of content they find engaging and most valuable for the users. Hopefully, we will get a lot of engaged responses to how companies can better align their social media strategy with the users’ expectations. We will even have daily prizes for the best responses during the week.

Nokia is well known for their leading social strategy. How has that helped your team in Denmark, and how is it different from the strategies in other countries?
I really appreciate being part of an organization where I can work with new and innovative ways of showcasing the advantages of a product. Inviting the target audience to get involved and play around with our products and communication platform takes a lot of effort from ours and the agency’s side but is so much more rewarding when people actually get involved and start spreading the word.

What are you most excited about for SMW Copenhagen?
I am very proud that Nokia has selected Copenhagen as one of four cities where we support the Social Media Week for the February conference. I’m excited about the events that we’re contributing with, but I also hope to get the opportunity to explore some of the other events in the program. There are so many cool topics; it will be hard to pick the best ones!

If you’re in Copenhagen for Social Media Week, make sure to say hi to Henriette- and pay attention to all we’re doing together. From businesses to sports and photography, we’ll be bringing you something amazing together. Keep up with Nokia Danmark on social:

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