Recap of Nokia’s Master Class: Designing Your Day — Maximize Your Brain, Maximize Your Day (Video)



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As part of the Designing Your Day program from Nokia@Work, this session provided the neuroscience perspective on how to work with your brain to get the most out of your day.

Did you know, around two hours of highly cognitive work is really possible for each of us each day? So what are the times of day when you are at your cognitive best? How can you work with the limitations of your cognitive abilities and design the day to make the best decisions and complete your best work?

This interactive session for leaders in business was led by Paul McGinniss of the NeuroLeadership Group. Working regularly with Nokia, the NeuroLeadership Group delivers an 88% increase in engagement and 84% improvement in leadership skills by reinventing performance management.

See the science and practical tips in the video below.

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