5 Minutes with Offerpop’s Co-founder, Mark Cooper



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This Social Media Week February, our New York team had the pleasure of working with Offerpop, a fan-marketing platform for Facebook and Twitter. Thousands of companies use Offerpop to run promotions, sweepstakes and fan engagement programs – launching campaigns in minutes and tracking performance in real-time.

Mark has previously shared with us his research on holiday buying. Today, we talk a bit more about how OfferPop has grown and where marketing platforms are heading.

Mark, Offerpop boasts an impressive client list, including MTV, Skype, Disney, and Etsy. Can you share with us the history of Offerpop and your evolution?
My co-founders and I have been forming tech businesses since the late 1990s, so we’ve seen a lot of trends come and go. When social media started exploding, we saw that it was more than a trend; it was a disruption. So we launched Offerpop in mid 2010 to help brands keep pace with these shifts.

We introduced super easy-to-use apps for Facebook and Twitter that helped brands build an active social audience. In January 2011, Audi used us to launch the first Twitter campaign ever promoted during the Super Bowl. Since then, we’ve evolved our platform to include 20 campaign apps, full mobile support, and powerful features that leverage social data. These days, our customers run around 4,000 to 5,000 campaigns on our platform every week.

You recently released a set of new tools that help provide more information about a brand’s Facebook users and fans. Can you tell us more about that?
We built these features to help brands understand who their fans are and what they care about. That way, they can serve up more relevant content.

Our new Categories feature allows marketers to add multiple category tags for each post they send to their Timeline, then track metrics like reach, click-throughs, and engagement for each category. This helps marketers discover trending topics and optimize content across all channels.

Our Fan Database automatically creates detailed social profiles for anyone who interacts with a brand’s Timeline. We capture high-value data like email addresses and opt-ins, engagement metrics like Fan Loyalty, influence and engagement, as well as segmentation data based on the categorized posts they interact with.

Marketers can then use these features to create more targeted, relevant campaigns and offers across social, email, online advertising, and more.

Offerpop’s new tools have been found to boost engagement by 84% and loyalty by 195%. What is behind this drastic jump and how does Offerpop accomplish this?
Marketers are discovering the content their fans really love, and using their findings to refine their social strategy. As a result, they’re seeing more likes, comments and shares, and creating better brand advocates. Our customers can also measure fan loyalty, so they can see the people who keep coming back. This helps them know who to engage and reward.

How and why did Offerpop decide to take part in SMW13?
We wanted to open a dialogue about a topic we found fascinating – the challenges of marketing to today’s consumers. People today are more social, mobile, and savvy about products. Social Media Week gave us a great forum to discuss the issue with a relevant audience. Our panelists included journalists from Advertising Age and AllFacebook, and customers from Saks Fifth Ave., Viacom’s Logo TV, and Rent the Runway. It was a very informative discussion! You can watch it here.

What trends do you see emerging for 2013 in relation to engagement?
You can’t just buy your way to a bigger audience. This year, we’re seeing user-generated content playing a larger role in brands’ social strategies. And we’re seeing marketers use social data to track customer relationships and identify brand advocates.

What key takeaways do you feel arose out of your SMW NYC session this February?
Consumers are savvier than ever before. They know when they’re being marketed to, and aren’t fooled by an ad dressed up as a story. Marketers need to focus on creating authentic engagement campaigns that deliver real value to their customers.

And marketers can’t expect consumers to come to them. They need to actively connect with consumers where they already are – on social networks and on their mobile devices.

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