CROWDFUNDxNYC Open: Submit Your Startup, Social Enterprise, or Small Business for a Chance to Win $25k



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Today, Crowdcentric, the organization behind SMW globally, are partnering with crowdfunder to open the CROWDFUNDxNYC Challenge and invite you submit your business.

The challenge is open to small businesses, social enterprises and startups with a grand prize of $25k available for the winning company, plus in-kind services to help grow your business.

Finalists will be selected on July 1st and will be given the opportunity to present to an illustrious panel of judges at the July 17th challenge finale.

Important Milestones:
Submission Opens May 15th
Finalists Announced July 1st
Challenge Event July 17th

Ways to get involved

Create a personal profile
This gives you the opportunity to back companies that you interest you and stay up to date with the crowdfunding movement.

Create a company profile
This gives you and your company the chance to connect with investors and build relationships with individuals in your community.


As the peer-to-peer economy grows, businesses are increasingly able to break traditional barriers, forging more personal relationships between consumers and companies. As part of the business community we can help their visions become realized, which leads business growth and job creation.

CROWDFUNDx is a powerful online + offline accelerator for local entrepreneurial ecosystems that helps connect entrepreneurs with investors and build a network of supporters for small businesses. It taps into the power of crowdfunding to transform local communities through its collaborative nature by engaging local backers and supporters through online + offline challenges.

By participating in CROWDFUNDx Challenge or by joining us for the full-day conference on July 17, you can learn more about how to back companies or develop or refine your own business pitch.

So, if you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, create your company profile then rally your community and show off your work. We’ll be looking at how much the community responds to your ideas as part of the selection. We look forward to supporting our community of entrepreneurs and seeing all the amazing business ideas.

Sign up here and join us!

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