CROWDFUNDx: Investment & The Social Web with David S. Rose



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Keynote: David S. Rose, Investment and the Social Web
Hailed as a “world conquering entrepreneur,” David is a technology pioneer, investor and founder of over 75 revolutionary companies, pivotal in propelling technology and social media to the next level.

During his keynote “Investment & The Social Web” at CROWDFUNDx, Rose echoed crowdfunding’s expanding clout, calling it a “game changer of extraordinary power.” As a staunch believer that crowdfunding’s new developments are “signaling the biggest revolution in economics, finance and business since the industrial revolution” Rose urged investors and entrepreneurs to heed his word.

Framing his main points from two scopes, entrepreneur and investor, Rose used his extensive background in both of these fields to make his case.

“As an entrepreneur, you must decide what your purpose is: to make money or do something else. It is not a slide, it is not a spectrum. It is clear cut.” Giving the audience a disclaimer that his advice would seem radical, Rose proposed that a hybrid cannot exist between a business that focuses on social impact and a business that exists solely to make money. With no model that balances these two objectives, he advises entrepreneurs: “decide which side of the divide you are on, because that will determine where you get money”- a statement that incited debate amongst attendees.

His second point took the view of an investor. Using two “pockets” to depict the ways that investors use their money, discretionary and investment, Rose made another strict delineation between social impact and profit-focused enterprises. He asserted investors must know which pocket they are investing from. He illustrated the “investment pocket” as a fund utilized only to multiply the initial investment and ultimately make more money. The “discretionary pocket” he said, included anything from vacations to lunch. “The investment pocket is strictly to make more money, it is not interchangeable with luxury” Rose explained.

To listen to the full discussion, tune into the livestream here:

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