Day 3 at #SMWLdn: Participant Spotlight (Aimee Carmichael)



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Keeping on theme with Gender 50/50, it has been awesome to see a diverse crowd of both men and women both in the audience and on stage. I sat next to Aimee during the From Search to Social: The Big Power Shift in Media. She followed me on Twitter while I was live-tweeting the event, saw the profile photo and thought to herself, “Wow, this looks just like the guy sitting next to me”…and it turned out it was—a funny online-offline connection.

Aimee Carmichael

Twitter: @aimee1986

What does she do? PR Consultant, B2B and Consumer campaigns

Where is she from? Originally southern England, but living in London now

First Social Media Week? She attended Social Media Week London 2011.

What did you think about the session hosted by BuzzFeed?

I thought it was very relevant in terms of things can be on social media and online, but at the end of the day you need to think about your audience and who you’re writing for—which isn’t a robot—you’re writing for an individual person who has specific tastes and interests. What was interesting to me was what they were saying about writing a sharable and engaging, headline and then writing the story around that headline. I also found BuzzFeed’s business model [interesting], how they don’t charge for traditional advertising, but instead, use sponsored posts…I think we’ll see a lot more publishers going down that route…because I think about a couple of websites I can’t bear to go one anymore because there are advertisements everywhere.

Why are you back at Social Media Week London?

Just to find out about the newest trends and pick up tips from others in the industry. There were specific masterclasses and sessions that I was interested in, which is why I got the VIP Pass.

How do you implement social media into your work?

It varies on the type of client I’m working with. Some of them are in the very early stages of social media and content development. They’re looking at it from a platform basis and what they can do to drive traffic to the website and support SEO work. Some have a very strong strategy already in place, so it could be helping them adapt a global campaign to a specific market (localize).

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