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Social Media Week is a leading news platform and worldwide conference that curates and shares the best ideas and insights into social media and technology's impact on business, society, and culture.

Next week, I have the honor of attending SMW London as both an observer and speaker. While I help oversee SMW on a global level, nothing quite matches being able to see it on the ground in various cities each SMW. These are the events I’m most looking forward to next week — I’m hoping you can join me, either there in person or virtually through SMW Live!


SMWLDN Bloomberg Opening Keynote
Business & Entrepreneurship hub hosts Bloomberg kick off Social Media Week London with an introductory keynote with Toby Daniels (founder of Social Media Week) & Craig Hepburn (Global Director, Digital and Social Media at Nokia).

Has Facebook Found the Pathway to Mobile Nirvana?
Around the campfire, there has been discussion that Facebook has cracked mobile and are now showing other companies the way forward. Join AdParlor for an interactive session where we explore how Facebook is winning on mobile and how businesses can leverage Facebook to help them find mobile nirvana.

Banking’s Social Year: Barclays, HSBC, Finextra
This session, chaired by Alastair Duncan, Marketing Director at Connect Group will explore how are the banks using social media to deliver stronger customer engagement featuring Barclays, HSBC and Finextra.

Does Our ‘Quantified Society’ Herald The Death of Individualism?
We now live in a Quantified Society – a world full of data, where every action is recorded and measured, which gives us the ability to extend and enhance our capabilities, skills and transform lives in ways that we could never have imagined. Join the panel of C4, NHS England, Contagious, Starcount and SapientNitro with drinks & networking afterwards.

How Police Are Embracing The Most Common Worldwide Addiction to Engage with Local Communities
This presentation will look at how West Midlands Police, the second largest force in the country, uses all forms of social media on a daily basis to help improve public confidence in policing. The session is aimed not only at other law enforcement agencies or organisations which are looking to increase their direct engagement with communities.

Why Brand Advocates Must Become Your Pimped-out Brand Army
In this session, Richard Jones, CEO of EngageSciences will be joined by senior agency and brand marketers to illustrate how leading social brands like Nokia ans Naked Wines are putting advocates at the centre of their marketing. Sign-up today to discover how you can pimp your fanbase. #SMWFreshlyPimped.

The Psycho-Cultural Secrets of Online Motivation with Nathalie Nahai and Aaron Balick
Drawing on research from social psychology (Nathalie Nahai) and psychodynamic theory (Aaron Balick), our speakers will address both the cultural and individual motivations behind online behaviour. Each speaker will present from their own research before opening a discussion with the audience looking at ways these perspectives compliment and challenge each other.

Social Success Mic-Up: What Can Businesses Learn From Charities and Their Use of Social Media to Impact Change?
There’s not a keynote or Powerpoint slide in sight. It’s fun. It’s informal. It’s just 5 speakers, talking for 5 minutes each around a topic – open-mic style! This time it’s about what businesses can learn from charities and their use of social media to impact change.

The New Normal: Brand Engagement in the Age of the Social Consumer
The connected generation don’t care if your brand is better, faster, cheaper or stronger; they want you to show how you care about them and understand why they use your brand. Join Wildfire for an in-depth discussion on connected consumers and how to use social media to engage them.

Fire the Creatives, the Audience Has Arrived
With media budgets sometimes supporting mash-ups, re-mixes and other forms of unofficial content alongside trailers and traditional publicity assets, is it time to bring movie marketing into the digital age? Global communications agency Way To Blue have invited platform owners, movie makers and distributors and some unofficial content creators (aka the audience) to thrash it out.

Shock and Guffaw: The Ups and Downs of Humour, Attitude and Brands
This panel – we hope there’s a few jokes – examines the serious business of shock and guffaws. From Paddy Power’s controversial TV ads to’s radical PR approach to promoting zombie experiences there’s plenty to get your teeth into. Join BBC Comedy and a panel of experts and comedians for this exclusive, one-off event.

The Social Book Club 2.0: Launch Party – Help Us Reinvent the Book Club for the 21st Century
Marketing experts Silverpop have decided to shine a book light on some of the best business books around and are launching the Silverpop Book Club: a website packed with reviews and insightful webinars. To celebrate we’re holding the official launch party in Social Media Week London, and you’re invited.

Driving Advocacy via Social Media: Remarkable Women
Nokia are driving relevant, targeted discussions to specific groups on social media. This talk focuses on how Nokia are fostering and engaging with Remarkable Women.

Chinwag Demo Day at Social Media Week London 2013
Interested in engaging with the firms and startups whose products and innovations will drive the future of Social Media? Of course you are…

Just In Beta: Social-Powered Free Comedy Gig
To bring the curtain down on Social Media Week we present a night of live digital comedy that pipes the web on stage, through a series of tubes and laughs at it. Join Sanderson Jones and a stellar cast of comedic talent for a night on which the geeks shall inherit the mirth.

Social Media and the Markets: Information Worth Sharing?
The power of social media has been proven to affect the financial markets. But how stable is social’s power and can it be harnessed? We’d be delighted if you could join our panel to discuss the influence of social media on today’s financial markets.

Leading Social From the Front – The Social CEO
This session will explore the opportunities for leaders to build and benefit from a social presence and whether this means that the charismatic (and social) CEO is now here to stay.

The Benefits of Being A Social Business
This networking breakfast will offer attendees an opportunity to hear from industry leaders about how being social rather than just doing social is impacting their business.

The Evolution of Social Government
The most adaptive, agile organizations and individuals are leveraging what they do best to take advantage of global, seismic shifts in media, technology and society. If you want to understand how government agencies balance the need for transparency with the requirements for security & privacy online, then this session is a must-see.

Sports Data for Social Marketing
BSports, Bloomberg’s sub-division focusing on sports analytics, will host a panel event exploring the use of sports data for social and digital marketing. The panel will discuss the opportunities available to companies in using sports data to leverage a global sporting audience.


Masterclass: Phoneography Made Easy
Having spent the last 6 years travelling around the world with ‘Nothing but a Nokia’ and having his photographs featured on the front page of books and magazines, Patrick Hamilton Walsh will be talking about how he manages to make an ordinary location or photograph great

Masterclass: Social Listening, Social Analytics and Competitive Intelligence in 2014 with TalkWalker
Are your customers happy with their last purchase? Are they bad mouthing your competitors? What are your target groups discussing? What’s on their mind? Learn how to use social media monitoring to identify, predict, and respond to consumer behaviour with the experts from TalkWalker.

Masterclass: The What, Why and How of 21st Century Leadership
Hear from a panel of leaders who are driving digital transformation within their organisations. Hosted by Will McInnes this session includes BBC, Allen & Overy and Orbit Housing Group who will share their insight. It’s an ideal masterclass for anyone interested in effective leadership in their organisation.

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