Does Tech Control You or Do You Control It?

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At the core of our global theme, The Future of Now, lies technology’s ability to be a great tool for taking more control of our lives as well as its ability to control us. We see this in numerous ways. From the friend who can’t put down their phone at dinner to the power of quantified self to help us change our fitness habits, tech is a dominant part of our daily lives for both good and bad.

This year, we want to take an earnest look at what this means and societal implications. Throughout February and September during Social Media Week, we hope to explore how to better put ourselves in control. And we want you to join us.

Technology can be unforgiving and uncompromising in terms of how much we are controlled by her, but we don’t have to let her treat us this way. We can still have control. If we want to harness the positives and admit that nothing is more important than how we engage in the present then we can start to focus more on the positive, productive and human-centric side of this wonderfully complex thing we’ve grown to love so much.

So, how can we regain control, establish balance, and preserve what makes us human?

Read our first thoughts on the two aspects of technology over at The Next Web here.

Nicky Yates

Director of Communications, Social Media Week

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