Holiday Gifts for the Social Media-Obsessed



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Okay, so we all have (at least one of) that friend. The one who Instagrams every meal and outfit, checks into every location, and tweets pretty much every thought, whether or not it’s relevant for public consumption.

This list is a shout-out to them: the content creators, the power users, the ones you know will always comment on your latest update and give you some social-media love. They deserve a great gift this year. They always have an opinion to share and time to read your posts, after all.

  1. New reading material and inspiration
    A popular book about the industry is a good way to start; and if you know the person would definitely prefer the Kindle edition to the hard copy, you could always print and wrap the confirmation email.The Social Media President: Barack Obama and the Politics of Digital Engagement is a newly released choice that offers interesting insights and a unique perspective on the social media sphere, while Likeable Social Media: How to Delight Your Customers, Create an Irresistible Brand, and Be Generally Amazing on Facebook (& Other Social Networks) could be quite useful for anyone who does social media marketing professionally.Ignore Everybody by Hugh MacLeod is also an inspiring choice, even if it is not necessarily about social media (but the author is a successful blogger).

    Or there are always the classic Groundswell (by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff, both of whom have backgrounds at Forrester Research; though the former has founded her own firm since the book’s original publication) or the Cluetrain Manifesto (by David Weinberger, David “Doc” Searls, Christopher Locke, and Rick Levine).

    Both are perfect choices for people just getting started to go in-depth with social media. The newbies need to learn the history of the realm, after all, and there is nowhere better to start than the classics.

  2. Social media sparkles
    If you have a jewelry lover who’s also an avid digital junkie (and loves to make a statement with unusual pieces), Wendy Brandes makes quite possibly the highest quality social media-inspired jewelry in the world. Her grasp of the digital arena clearly shows in her designs (emoji earrings, anyone?).
  3. Unique decor
    Something personalized might also be nice … say, having a Christmas tree ornament custom-made with your friend’s Twitter handle or Tumblr name. The personal touch will make your gift stand out from the rest of the baubles on their tree year after year.
  4. The gift of design
    If the person you’re shopping for is a designer or business owner, a gift of customized social media icon design could be nice. There are a number of Etsy sellers who offer these services as well as ready-made icon sets, depending on your budget.
  5. New apps and tech toys
    Of course, if you really can’t think of anything specific, a gift card to Apple or Google Play (depending on the device your friend owns) probably should suffice. Amazon works too.

The social media-obsessed need their fix at the end of the day, and they’ll be happy you helped them out with a thoughtful present. If you really want to splurge, a new tablet might be perfect: No tech-savvy individual will turn away an iPad Air or Nokia’s latest tablet. Just make sure you know their OS of choice!
Larry is an independent business consultant specializing in social media trends, business, and entrepreneurship. Follow him on Twitter at @LarryAlton3 and LinkedIn.

Featured image courtesy JD Hancock.

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