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Meet the movers and shakers who are using their creativity to make the world a better place. Sustainability and ethical labor practices and are more important than ever to the consumer decision-making process, creating incredible opportunities for entrepreneurs to build companies with social good in their DNA. Join us at SMW in NYC, and be inspired!

  1. How To Build a Brand That People Don’t Buy, They Join
    Millennials are an increasingly interested in making a difference with their shopping dollars. The success of brands like TOMS and Warby Parker have demonstrated just how powerful a cause-oriented business model can be. Join this panel of experts from Whole Foods, ZADY, and charity: water to learn about the future of B-Corporations, the Made in USA movement and the creation of online communities centered on positive change.
  2. Mission 31 – First Underwater Expedition That Will Be Entirely Interactive and Why It Matters, Presented by Nokia
    What’s more inspiring than adventure? Ocean explorer, documentary film maker and environmental activist, Fabien Cousteau, joins Alex Oberberg from Nokia to present Mission 31, an upcoming 31-day endeavor where Fabien and his crew of aquanauts will be living, working and sharing their experience as they live 20 meters under the sea. And you get to hear first-hand how you can digitally participate in this global experience leading up to, and during, the April adventure. *Scuba certification not required.
  3. Meshing Our World: The Sharing Economy Driving Social and Business Innovation
    Meet Robin Chase and Lisa Gansky. Robin is founder of Zipcar and Buzzcar, a pioneer of harnessing technology to create a marketplace for sharing. Lisa is the founder of MeshLabs, an advanced, open-source software system making paving the way for business sharing. This seminar will bring innovators together to discuss two-sided marketplaces like Airbnb and Etsy, how these platforms will impact makers/manufacturers, and creativity in a post-industrial economy.
  4. Using Social Technology to Galvanize Residents and Improve Neighborhoods
    Though we often think about social media’s power to join global communities, we often forget its ability to connect neighbors. NeighborhoodWorks America is a non-profit organization that works to strengthen community ties in low and moderate income neighborhoods. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the ways that social media can be used to develop local leadership and activate volunteers to give back to their communities!
  5. Upworthy’s Real Mission: A Keynote Announcement from Eli Pariser, Founder 
    Alarmed by the way that search engines and social media could be contributing to closed mindedness in the name of personalization, Eli Pariser co-founded Upworthy to combat this problem. Upworthy creates viral content to remind people of  good in the world and encourage people to act on injustice. This is an event you won’t want to miss!

These are just a few of the inspirational events in the lineup for SMW NYC, February 18 to 21; so don’t forget to check out the schedule. Get your pass today here, and join us and our partners, Nokia and MKG, for what will be a great week of exploring our always on, always connected world.

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