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When you think of architecture, you can’t help but think of the works of Antoni Gaudí. But Barcelona is much more than his incredible art. Wired has listed the city as one of Europe’s hottest startup centers, and we can understand why. Barcelona has a strong work/play lifestyle, which attracts the best in global talent.

For the second year, we’re hosting SMW in Barcelona. And we want you to get to know the talent behind it. Meet Evelyne Hollands, PR & Events Manager at Buzz Marketing Networks.

  1. How did Buzz Marketing Networks get started?
    In 2007, we detected that something was changing in the Internet: users were starting to generate and share content more often, many of them became influencers, and social power kept growing until it turned from being a trend to and overwhelming reality.

    Dani Alcaraz, Eduard Corral and Albert Armengol saw an opportunity to apply their years of experience working in the online sector to help brands harness this new power. Thus Bloguzz was born. What started as a platform for bloggers to try products, soon expanded to include Facebook users. We saw new needs of our clients beyond product testing, so we became Buzz Marketing Networks, pioneers of Community Management in Spain.

    Since then, our team of 30 professionals has managed and implemented the social media presence for major corporations, on both national and international levels, has generated thousands of conversations around products, and has contributed to the development, innovation and improvement of the Social Media sector in Spain.

  2. What makes Barcelona a great city for Social Media Week
    Barcelona is a key city in Spain in terms of innovation, creativity… Our city has a lot of important events about different sectors (fashion, tourism, sports…), and it deserves a specific event about social media. Nowadays, we have Mobile World Congress and small events about digital sector, but with Social Media Week in Barcelona we have an specific event for social media lovers.
  3. What is the most exciting and unique aspect that you see coming to SMW in your city?
    We have some great events including:
    + @Policia from National Police Organitzation
    + @EstrellaDammES from one of the biggest beer companies
    + Gary Stewart, Academy Wayra Spain Manager
    + Andy Whitlock, Strategy Director from Made by Many
    + Jemimah Garthwaite, CEO from
    + 4colors (@4colors), one of the most important Viners in Spain.
  4. Where do you see the future of social and mobile media heading?
    For me, it would be even more mobile and more visual. That’s what explains the increase of users in some social networks: Instagram, Vine, Pinterest.
  5. What one event should people not miss out on?
    All our program for this edition of Social Media Week in Barcelona it’s amazing! We have tried to have the most representative / experienced people in each sector as an speaker. So, in this edition you will find community managers from two important organizations in our country: @Policia and @EstrellaDammEs; but also well-known people from El Terrat for explaining how images and video are integrated in new channels.

    Our attendees are very satisfied with the type of event we prepared in past edition: speakers, keynotes, workshops, streaming… So we understand that they want to have the same, but even better!

Barcelona will be incredible, and we can’t wait to see it all in action. Make sure you stay up-to-date by following along on Twitter or Facebook.

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