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It’s all about content. The promise and potential of content marketing became a reality in 2013, with 90% of consumers finding branded content useful, and 78% being more likely to engage with a brand that provides original and engaging content. Large-scale live events, like the upcoming Super Bowl in the United States, are a content marketers dream as it creates a playing field (pun intended) for content marketing campaigns to thrive and reach stratospheric levels of reach and scale.

Conversations around scaling content marketing efforts tend to center on the content itself, but the platforms for curating, editing and publishing content are of equal importance in the grand scheme of things. And if we all recall lessons from last year’s Super Bowl (hello, Dunk in the Dark), real-time smart contributions can help elevate your brand.

And we want to help your brand succeed. During SMW14, there will be a host of events focused specifically on the topic, including SMW NYC’s half-day track with Percolate. Here are some of our favorites around the globe to get you a start:

Beyond Facebook Updates

Obsessing over Facebook Likes? Get off your Insights Page — content marketing is more than just tweets and shares. And SMW Bangalore can show you how to get more conversions out of your digital media. Get in on it now.

No Blank Slates

Waiting for that big gust of inspiration? Looking for your new muse? Unfortunately, that’s not how to succeed in content marketing. Planning is key, and your editorial calendar is the foundation of that. Fortunately, SMW Barcelona is showing you how to get started. You may have found that new muse…

Take Control

Know that saying, “Content is king?” While Bill Gates coined it in 1996, it doesn’t make it any less true today. You may have some accounts on social media, you might have a strategy, but is under control content? SMW Copenhagen to the rescue! In their workshop, they’re providing you the different phases and practical tools you need.

Be the Best

If we’re talking content, we cannot not talk about platforms. And WordPress is king of the mountain. As the fastest growing web development platform around the world, more than 55% of all blogs and websites are hosted on it. So, SMW Lagos is helping ensure you don’t struggle with SEO, security, or payment. Then, you can own the mountain.

Social & Sports

And it all comes full circle. If we’re talking about content marketing, we have to talk about major sporting events. The boundaries between consumption and creation are pushed, particularly with sports. And what sporting event is bigger than the World Cup? How can you dive into all that noise and still come out with the juicy bits as both creators and consumers? SMW Lagos will show you how.

These are just a handful of events — peruse the schedule and register today. And if you can’t make it in person, save events to join us via SMW Live, no matter where you are!

Want an early headstart? On February 4, Meltwater offers tips to put those followers to good use. Let’s make sure 2014 is the year you own content like a boss.

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