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Crickets. Such an innocent little insect, yet for a marketer they are the last thing you want to hear when you share your content with the world. 

So, how do you ensure that people know about your brand—and know what you want them to know? And tell their friends? Right now? Come to SMW NYC, that’s how! The speakers at these events have the answers to these questions and so many more, like what platform to use, who to partner with, and what to do when your content might pop up and disappear in just a few seconds.

  1. The Content Marketing Revolution
    Want to elevate your brand to Mad Men status? Companies that blog 15 times a month or more get a big edge over their competitors. But how can you satisfy our instant-gratification nature while producing eye-catching and valuable content? That’s where the experts at Percolate come in. CEO’s Noah Brier and James Gross give you all you need to know — from the building blocks to the next big trend in content marketing. Don Draper will have nothing on you.
  2. Finding An “Always-On” Video Strategy For Brands To Engage Consumers
    Good video is sometimes funny, sometimes touching, and always—marketers hope—shared. To guarantee your brand’s video content goes viral, Unruly (a company whose videos have gotten 3.5 billion views) can help. Learn how a video’s success can be predicted and how to reproduce those same results time after time by capturing the attention of a very ADD audience. (Are you even still reading this? We hope so…)
  3. Engaging the App-Savvy, Remix-Obsessed, Cynical Internet Consumer
    It isn’t enough to just be using social media. To set themselves apart, brands and marketers also need to become early adopters of cutting-edge technology and stay tapped in to the youth culture—the demo that drives it all. Good thing there are content creators who are experts in both that you can partner with. This panel, hosted by Click 3x, introduces you to a few such innovators, including Chet Gulland of Droga5, Julie Anne Quay of VFiles, and Christan Summers Raison D’Etre.
  4. Content is King, But Distribution is Queen, Hosted by BuzzFeed
    It all starts with social. But that doesn’t mean everything you put on social goes viral. BuzzFeed are the masters of this. And they’re willing to share their secrets. If you’re wanting to learn how to effectively share content people want to share, then you’ll want to hear from Jonathan Perelman of BuzzFeed. We promise it’s more than just adding a cat…

Content and marketing is a big chunk of what you’ll find at SMW14, February 18 to 21, but there are so many other topics to engage in, like entrepreneurship, health & wellness, and don’t forget about the parties.

Registration is open! Check out the schedule, then get your pass today here, and join us and our partners, Nokia and MKG, for what will be a great week of exploring our always on, always connected world.

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