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It is more important than ever to manage one’s personal and professional reputation- especially online. The speed at which information travels has created an environment where one tweet made in bad taste can end a career. At Social Media Week all around the world, we are discussing reputation management for job seekers, professionals, and brands alike.

  1. Lagos: Masterclass: Using Social Media to Create a Great Personal or Corporate Reputation
    In this exclusive event, Founder and MD of New York based, C Moore Media and Public Relations, Claudine Moore, will teach 30 handpicked executives how to manage both their personal and professional brands through social media. And as a bonus- one lucky attendee will win a one-on-one consulting session with Claudine followed by a full strategic plan from C. Moore to manage their brand.
  2. Barcelona: Reputation Management. ¿Existe realmente la reputación online?
    Though a brand has little control over what their customers say online, it has a great deal of control over how customer opinions and issues are handled. According to reputation expert, Oscar Trabazos, a mismanaged complaint can often do more damage than the complaint itself. Don’t miss his seminar where he teaches a 360-degree strategy for managing brand reputations, both online and offline. Plus, you can get to know him and his work a bit better in this special interview with SMW Barcelona.
  3. New York: Beyond LinkedIn: Using Niche Social Media Platforms in the Job Hunt
    Looking for your first job or thinking of making a career jump? You may already be combing LinkedIn daily for job and networking opportunities, but what about YouTube, Pinterest and Reddit? Regardless of what field you may be looking into, there is a lot to learn about how to use social networking tools creatively to advance your career. At this seminar hosted by FindSpark, learn how to harness these less obvious tools and stand out in all the right ways.

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