The Year of Mobile: Deep Focus’ 2014 Outlook



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Will 2014 be the year of mobile advertising? Will real-time marketing be mastered?

We are all wondering what the year holds, and few have the expertise like Ian Schafer and Deep Focus to shed a light on it. Ian has been a long-standing member of our Advisory Board- and he knows social and digital media. Deep Focus has been lauded for its expertise and
excellence at using digital media, technology, creative, and communications
strategies, earning them an Emmy nomination and several Webby Awards and a Cannes Gold Lion.

So, we’re happy to share the Deep Focus 2014 Outlook. Here are their 12 major developments for the year.

No matter what anyone says, it’s always about reach, and it always has been. But now, reach is as much a result of what consumers do as how much you spend.

  1. Mobile will be a key focus. Again.
    This year, we expect mobile users to surpass desktop users. However, most marketers aren’t doing mobile smart. Of more than 6 million ad clicks on 10 mobile ad networks, 40% of mobile clicks are accidental or fraudulent. Marketers will start to focus on giving tools, information, content, and resources instead of display ads.
  2. Mobile and social will drive business results.
    It is increasingly being found that smart, well-crafted social campaigns have driven sales, brand equity, and brand awareness successfully. 2014 will see more brands integrate mobile and social into their overall picture.
  3. Context marketing will be instrumental for mobile.
    Relevant content is the difference between whether a consumer stops or scrolls on by. Your mobile strategy should be based on the ability to be mobile and understand your user.
  4. Content marketing plays a larger role in brand story lines.
    As Deep Focus says, content trends die as quickly as they appear. Incorporating these trends into a content strategy is critical to a brand’s story line. The brands that emerge as winners will have established who they are in social and content.
  5. Context marketing will overshadow mobile display.
    It will be smart for marketers to experiment with simple contextual tactics to decide on larger strategies. You’ll see brands stopping concentration on mobile marketing efforts on typical mobile display or video ads to instead focus on these experimentations.
  6. Geo-fencing will spur shopper marketing creativity.
    Geo-fencing technology enables marketers to push mobile communications to consumers based on physical location. This links mobile marketing to sales and helps prove ROI for marketers. This will go overall throughout the year and help spur greater creativity in how to enact it.
  7. User experience makes a return as a key player.
    Great user experience has and continues to be foundational to any digital success. The importance of solid and comprehensive experience design is only growing.
  8. Predictive analytics will transcend buzzwords.
    Predictive analytics was a popular term throughout 2013, but this year will prove it’s effectiveness. So, we’ll see more analytics companies proving their methodologies are reliable.

    34% of marketing executives list predictive analytics as one of the most important tools for delivering the best customer experience.

  9. The less-snappy messaging app landscape becomes important.
    While Snapchat gained notoriety in the US, there are many other messaging services and apps that are maximizing the same technology. These services will be important to marketers and how they can reach users.
  10. Pinterest will find some shopper marketing love.
    Will we finally see the rollout of advertising products for Pinterest? Facebook and Twitter have long had similar offerings, so it’s time for marketers to start tackling this demain.
  11. Wearable computing will go beyond looking nerdy.
    Between Google Glass, Pebble, Nike’s FuelBand, and Jawbone, we’ve broken the barrier into wearable tech. But there’s so much further to go. The true wearable computing leap in 2014 will be in the technology that enables our devices to communicate more directly with our bodies.
  12. Brands will continue to pursue the second screen.
    Mobile has been a constant trend in Deep Focus’ Outlook, and with that, we’d be remiss if we did not mention second screen experiences. While what this means is evolving, second screen will still be important to marketers, especially as real-time mass audiences can be counted on.

As these twelve trends will emerge over 2014, it will be an exciting and challenging year for marketers. See the full outlook here and make sure you catch Ian and Deep Focus at SMW NYC this February.

Deep Focus 2014 Outlook by DeepFocusNY

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