Quick Tips from Twitter on Tackling the Great Consumer Attention Deficit Disorder



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Do consumers really have an Attention Deficit Disorder? No. According to Christina Bennett, PR Manager for Elizabeth Arden, consumers are just selective.

“Consumers don’t really have ADD because once you have their attention, it’s yours,” said Ms. Bennett.

Therefore, the real challenge is creating content that gets the attention of consumers who are constantly being bombarded with information. Tackling the Great Consumer Attention Deficit, hosted by Unmetric, Lippe Taylor & Elizabeth Arden, sought to explore this.

Here are some quick tips on gaining consumer attention from Ms. Bennett, @cmb155, and real time tweets during the panel from #SMWADD:

  1. “Don’t get too down when content you believe in doesn’t take off. Accept the randomness of it.” — @aprilbd
  2. “What’s important about the analytics & reports onsocial media is learning what works & either continue or course correct.” — @Chicatopia
  3. “Create collaborative boards – be a curator of content, bringing together outside experts on your pages.” — @mjoecurro
  4. “Know where your brand belongs and what topics or events relate to it.” — @BarbaraMBaez
  5. “Real-time marketing opportunities keep your brand relevant and it gives brands interesting topics to discuss.” — Christina Bennett
  6. “My experience with brands = Facebook is the place consumers go to complain or praise. Instagram is for pretty but non branded content & Twitter is news.” — @MeghanButler
  7. “Think ‘when is my life most interesting?’ Some content shouldn’t be created at work… Bring the products out with you.” — @agalluch
  8. “Keep your goal in mind when creating social media activity.” — @heidicohen
  9. “WIST – Would I Share This? Think about value of content.” — @aprilbd
  10. “Creating excellent content vs. finding it, so that people are sharing YOUR content.” — @pureamber
  11. “Create a strategy to stick out. The way you format content is important.” — Christina Bennett

Zainab Oni is a senior at Hudson High School of Learning Technologies who will be attending the University of Virginia in the fall. Zainab has been a member of the MOUSE Corps program for four years. Follow Zainab on Twitter @McMotherboard.

Zainab is one of our SMW Press Corps members, managed by OpenCommunications. Learn more here.

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