Spotify’s Place in the Rise of Social Music



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Late last year, Spotify expanded its free offerings yet again, by providing users with free mobile access to their music service. Similar to their desktop option, this new feature enables Spotify users on the go the ability to stream the music they want to hear, on shuffle. I got to ask Spotify why they wanted to offer their music service for free on mobile, and a representative from Spotify replied that it helps them reach their vision of “bringing all of the music in the world to all of the people in the world.” The tag line on their site is, “Music for everyone,” after all.

Spotify is also a very social platform. Who can go on Facebook without seeing at least one friend listening to Spotify in their Newsfeed? Spotify provides the ability to share song choices with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, email, or even text! One of the more fun features is being able to share or collaborate on a playlist. Users also have the capabilities of following a playlist that has been created by a friend, brand, artist, one that was created by a complete stranger that includes songs that interest them, and more. Current day mixtapes can be embedded on websites, forum posts, and blogs to further share personalized music choices and in turn, further spread the word about Spotify. When I asked Spotify why they find social media and connecting via music so important, they responded, “Music is inherently social and social media helps people share the songs they love and discover new music.”

Something that Spotify has tapped into is “the power of free,” which I have talked about in one of my other articles for Social Media Week, but Spotify takes a different approach on it. Spotify believes they “are giving people the best free music experience…By giving more people access to free, legal music on any device, we believe they will stream more music overall.”

This partnership is not just about the customer though. According to Spotify, “the more music people play on Spotify, the more likely they are to convert to Spotify Premium, which generates more revenue to the music industry.”

Sounds like a solution that is keeping all involved parties happy, including Spotify’s advertising revenue. Ads are only bypassed by Spotify Premium members, on mobile and off.

Since its’ launch in 2008, Spotify has become the 2nd largest source of digital music revenue for European music labels and has surpassed other similar sites to become the biggest and most lucrative streaming service globally. Spotify is spot on with keeping up with the social landscape to keep their users happy and is consistently adding to their platform to make it better. Their personalized Year in Review reports went over better than Facebook’s 10th anniversary “Look Back” videos.

That and they post apropos playlists. It’s a company on track for success.

Stephanie Carino has spent over the past 10 years working in the city in the Fashion, Food and Event industries. She currently works in the PR Department at leading Technology and Business Book Publisher, Apress. On the side, she also writes event coverage and reviews for, Socially Superlative, a NYC-based event website, covering predominantly food, travel and entertainment stories. Connect with Stephanie on Twitter.

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