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Smartphones have changed our lives so much that it can be difficult to imagine what will come next. But there are times when our smartphones fail us: when we are exercising or when we want to be unplugged, but remain reachable in case of an emergency. Wearable devices are stepping into those places where smartphones are falling short, integrating their technological capabilities more seamlessly into our daily lives.

The first few attempts at wearables have been somewhat clumsy, resulting in a smattering of products that few women would consider wearing and even describe in new terms like “glasshole.” However, we believe that wearables are the next big thing around the globe, and as they are perfected, they will become ubiquitous, perhaps even ousting (or disrupting) the smartphone, the same way it did the computer. At Social Media Week, we are looking forward to hearing from the people on the forefront of wearable technology innovation.

  1. New York: Masterclass: Building Wearables: A Hands-On Intro to Open-Source Interaction Platforms
    Have a great idea for the next revolutionary wearable device, but don’t know how to build it? In this masterclass, hosted by Code Liberation, you will learn about basic soft circuit design, LED’s and create your own wireless wearable tech bracelet.
  2. Milan: Wearables: la tecnologia e i sensi estesi
    Wearables are the talk of the town and in Milan, we are taking things one step further: wearables that are bio-sensing. A difficulty in the realm of wearable devices is how to operate them as both vocal and tactile activated devices can be difficult to integrate into daily life. A device controlled by the mind feels unbelievably futuristic, but will be the topic of discussion at this seminar, with speakers from Neurowear and Hagakure.
  3. Wearable Tech Fashion Show, Hosted by Tech in Motion
    A major critique of many wearables currently on the market is that they are not aesthetically pleasing. For wearables to be adopted beyond the world of tech enthusiasts, they will need to be fashionable and functional. At SMW NYC, Tech in Motion is hosting a very special fashion show to showcase the latest styles and innovations in wearable devices.

Wearable technology is only one topic that we are exploring at Social Media Week around the world. Check out the full schedule of events and register to attend SMW in the city nearest you! Then, get fashionable and tech savvy with us this February!

Featured image and top image courtesy IntelFreePress.

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