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Wednesday. Officially the middle of Social Media Week with more and more content, and more and more amazing connections. Milan worked to make food photography more appetizing than we thought possible, and Barcelona wrestled with the meaning of a social police force. In NYC, Upworthy’s CEO Eli Pariser announced plans to turn the audience into the editors and curators of Upworthy’s content. Hamburg stated its place in the world of startups, and Japan grappled over Spotify’s sanity in turning down Facebook’s offer. Needless to say, Monday through Wednesday were big, while Thursday and Friday kept the momentum going.

  • + Books and Social Media: The future of Publishing
    What does having your favorite author only a tweet away mean for the future of publishing? A group of authors and publishers took on this topic in Milan.
  • + Food Porn Takes Over the Web
    What makes food porn so mouthwatering? The photos. Claudia Castaldi taught a seminar on food photography — bringing technical skill to the photography of food bloggers.

  • + Social Media and the Police
    Carlos Fernández Guerra is the social media manager of the Policía Nacional in Spain, who now has over 766,000 Twitter followers. From Twitter tips, the Spanish police have made over 350 arrests, making social an important topic of conversation for lawmakers and enforcers at SMW.

  • + The Second Screen
    Who doesn’t watch TV — smartphone in hand these days? Channel Manager at No. 7, Nanna Schultz discussed what this means for advertisers and the television industry.

  • + Startup Culture in Hamburg
    With Berlin, as the “Silicon Valley of Germany,” it is easy to fall into the trap that one must move to Berlin to start a company. A panel of Hamburg entrepreneurs spoke about the exciting things happening in the city of Hamburg and why you should be there.
  • + Kit for Successful Women-Led Startups
    Founders Val Racheeva and Franziska Nylen of don’t want women to be stuck in mediocre jobs any longer. By equipping women with the confidence and practical tools to start something, they inspired women at SMW to excel in the venture of their choosing.

  • + Is Snapchat Crazy for Turning Down 3 Billion?
    This question is more relevant than ever as Facebook announces its acquisition of WhatsApp for 16 billion. CEO of video messaging app, Glide, spoke candidly about Snapchat and their decision to turn down Facebook.

New York
  • + High Fashion Goes Tech
    Bluetooth handbags and 3D printed shoes are just the beginning when considering the possibilities of tech changing the fashion world. Models on the runway showcased new fashions that turned tech into couture.
  • + Upworthy Announces Big Changes
    Upworthy has been data driven from day one, but they announced that they are planning to shape their content by asking users directly what types of content they want to see, creating a bit of a shift for them.

  • + Social Media Command Centers — Why You Need One
    After learning the value of a command center, it becomes much easier to find the resources to create. Spry Marketing’s Vivek Poonacha talked strategy and tools for a centralized social media presence for your brand.
  • + How Social Affects Higher Education
    It is ludicrous to assume that social isn’t having a significant impact on education. Today’s students are highly engaged, though sustaining their attention can be a huge challenge. Both students and teachers discussed the need to adapt to improve education at this event.

  • + Afrobeats Panel
    African music hits the West. As Nigerian music specifically increases in popularity across the globe, it acts as a cultural ambassador dispelling negative stereotypes of Africa. And SMW Lagos was there to explore it first.
  • + The Phone That Changed the World
    This panel, hosted by Nokia, investigated the role that mobile is playing in the future and how your brand can get on board.

Stay tuned for recaps of the final days of SMW. PS: Only 30 more Wednesdays until we’re at it again!

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