4 Ways to Use WhatsApp for Your Business



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WhatsApp, the instant messaging tool for mobile devices, simplifies communications, works on WiFi and automatically adds people from a phone’s contact list. Work Read Play provides four clever ways you can use WhatsApp for your business:

1. For Customer Service

Many companies use Twitter for social customer support. If Twitter isn’t your thing, or if your customers don’t tweet, you can use WhatsApp instead. WhatsApp allows you to respond in real-time, supports multimedia, and allows for messages longer than 140 characters, so your messages are not restricted. It’s also more personal and private than Twitter.

2. For Customer Communications

Advertising and soliciting business on WhatsApp is a violation of their terms of service. However, you can use WhatsApp to share your blog posts, provide news and updates, and communicate with your customers and readers. Give them a reason to like and trust you.

3. For Events

If your company organizes events, a WhatsApp Group is a great way to keep people informed about the event. Once you have the phone number of attendees, you can check if they use WhatsApp and invite them to a group related to your event. You can post updates and supporting multimedia content about your event, and even take pictures on your phone and share them with members.

4. For Team Communications

WhatsApp is a simple, fast and cost-effective way for small groups of people to communicate with each other. If you work as part of a small team that’s based in different locations, you could use a WhatsApp Group as an alternative to email. You can share important information and updates with other team members and avoid navigating lengthy email chains. It’s great for teams that travel and work from mobile devices more than desktops. And if your team has access to WiFi, it cuts down on roaming costs.

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