12 Things Killer Employees Do Before Noon



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In order to be a top notch employee, there are some habits you should adopt before you have your midday break. According to a study published by US News & World Report, here are the tasks high-functioning, productive, and more awake employees have completed before lunch:

1. They make a work to-do list the day before.

Many swear by having a written to-do list, and most make that to-do schedule the night before.

2. They get a full night’s rest.

Lack of sleep affects your concentration level. Most health experts advise getting a minimum eight hours of shut-eye each night. Whatever your gold standard is for a “good night’s rest,” strive to meet it every work night.

3. They avoid hitting snooze.

According to the report, “Anyone can make morning their most productive time. It could be that for the entire week, you set your alarm clock a little bit earlier, and you get out of bed on the first alarm. It may be a pain at first, but eventually you’ll get to the point where you’re getting your seven to eight hours of sleep at night, you’re waking up with all your energy, and accomplishing the things around the house you need to before going to the office.”

4. They exercise.

Employees who’ve exercised before work or during the work day have better time-management skills, an improved mental sharpness, and are more patient with their peers.”

5. They practice a morning ritual.

Adopt a morning ritual. Whether you opt to meditate, read the newspaper, or surf the Web, it’s important to have that solo quiet time.

6. They eat breakfast.

Food provides the fuel you’ll need to concentrate, and breakfast is particularly important since it recharges you after you’ve fasted all night.

7. They arrive at the office on time.

Allot a safe amount of time to make it to work on schedule.

8. They check in with their boss and/or employees.

Good workers set priorities that align with their company’s goals, and they’re transparent about their progress.

9. They tackle the big projects first.

You can dive right into work upon arriving in the office, since you made your to-do list the night before.

10. They avoid morning meetings.

If you have any say on meeting times, schedule them in the afternoon. The exception to this is if your meeting is the most important task of the day.

11. They allot time for following up on messages.

Set a schedule to check and respond to email in increments.
[See How to Use Your Work Email Efficiently.]

12. They take a mid-morning break.

Get up and stretch your legs. Or stay seated and indulge in a little Internet surfing. According to the research:

“It’s actually good to zone out on Facebook and Twitter or send a personal text message or two. You should take 10-minute breaks occasionally. Companies that ban any kind of Facebook, texting, or personal calls can find it will be detrimental. Those practices increase employee satisfaction.”

To learn the details of what the best workers check off their to-do lists before lunch, read the full article from US News & World Report here.

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