Selfie Boom: The Good, The Bad, and Why Selfies Will Change Our Future



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Trends spread on social media like wildfire and the selfie fad is no different. Preteens, teens, and young adults saturate their Facebook and Instagram accounts with photos of themselves, hoping for likes and positive feedback from their following. The trend first took off in 2005, with the usage of MySpace, but it has only grown in popularity since then. It’s harmless enough, right?

Selfies don’t seem all that life-altering, but when you really consider the implications of the trend, you might think twice. Some psychologists say that selfies actually promote narcissism and a preoccupation with oneself. Even more damaging, 25% of all those on the selfie bandwagon have taken a sexy-selfie at some point. It’s the issues that can cause damaging effects on marriage and dating, parenting, and even work relationships. So the next time you post a photo of yourself online or send one to your friends, think twice. What’s that selfie really saying about you? For more, check out the infographic below by¬†TeenSafe.

*This post was written by Amy Williams, a journalist in California. With two teens of her own, this is an issue she feels strongly about and is actively involved in spreading the word about safe social media usage. Follow her on Twitter for more!

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