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Firstly, thank you to everyone that entered our Creative Invites with Microsoft, offering short film-makers, Viners and photographers the chance to have their work displayed at Social Media Week 2014.

Creators across the world were invited to submit their finest work capturing the ‘theme’ a ‘shared experience’. We are pleased to announce our three winners:

It was a difficult task selecting our final winners, out of over 700 entries, however National Geographic’s lead photographer Steven Alveraz and Microsoft’s panel of judges, selected the following winners:

Anurag Verma will get the opportunity to go to Social Media Week in Los Angeles and showcase his amazing photograph. He also received a cash prize of $,000 and Lumia 930, which Anurag used to make his winning entry ‘Don’t Blame The Social, Blame The Media’. The Second Round submission was inspired by social media and its power to take us to different places and moments in time. Judge Alex Oberberg, the Global Head of Programs & Markets Engagement, Social Media & Digital at Microsoft said about Anurag’s selected entry,

“Anurag used great creativity to reflect the theme well. His stylised shots demonstrated impressive use of the Lumia 930’s features and capabilities, such as colourpop and manual focus.”


With an outbreak of viral cat videos online these days, Mia Mullarkey submitted an entry called ‘Nokia 930 Cat Video’. Mia made a short film using Lumia 930 video functions. Mia will also receive a cash prize of ,000 and the VIP pass to Social Media Week in Los Angeles, where she will showcase her great cat video. Judge and award winning photographer and film-maker, Stephen Alvarez went on to say,

“Winner! I hate to have a cat video be the winner, but I think the film maker is poking fun of the popularity of cat videos on the internet. Great production and story telling! Hilarious.“

Nokia Cat Video from Ishka Films on Vimeo.

Highly Commended Filmmaker

Creative Nathan Thomas was chosen by the judges to attend Social Media Week in Sydney, Australia with his great film entry ‘A Real Connection’. It is an incredible short film that tells the story of Nathan meeting a girl in person for the first time after he developed a deep friendship with her online.

During his visit, Nathan will have a great opportunity to meet leading brands and agencies, participate in workshops and sessions and enjoy VIP access to the after parties.

All 10 finalists were sent brand new Lumia 930 devices and asked to capture a new theme ‘Always on, Always connected‘. Check out the rest Round submissions:

Nick Rabin from London, UK, “With this picture I wanted to incorporate the one thing in our World that is always on and connects us all. The Sun. Without the sun there would be no ‘us’ so I was looking for an opportunity to shoot an scene where the sun acts to bring people together, connects them in a moment but also something that they would then be sharing after their experience…”


Finalist Samrawit Asfaw from California, US submitted her entry ‘Always On, Always Connected’, which shows her taking a picture of the beautiful scene while exercising.


Walker Esner a finalist from New York, US took an arial picture above two construction workers and a centered rope creating a sense of Symmetry.


From Mumbai, India, Ajeet Mestry took this picture called ‘Earth. Wind. Water. Fire.‘ “We are a part of the nature. Our time in this world is connected to the elements that give birth to us, nurtures us and ultimately dissolves us. Like the seasons, we are here for a while and we dissolve into the next. Like the clouds, we take many forms. Like the river we flow and become part of the whole at the end of our journey. I took this photograph with my new Nokia Lumia 930 which has an awesome 20 megapixel camera and with Nokia Camera app I could shoot almost like I was shooting with a SLR camera. Seeing the breathtaking view from almost 30,000 feet shows how we are connected to nature & are a part of it…”


Kristian Cruz from Brooklyn, US earned his position as one of the finalists. Here is one of his entries ‘Hello’ that he submitted for the round two. The video describes how we are always connected with people even if we are far away.

Nate Bernard from Fort Worth, US is another finalist and here is his submission for the second round – ‘Ballet’, which was inspired by a balance between people’s lives and technology. Nate said:

“The balance of life is a fragile one. In this video the drum represents the heartbeat of life and the ballerina the beauty of balance. Our lives are always on and always connected through technology, and when that balance is achieved it becomes a masterpiece. A beautiful dance… The Nokia Lumia Smart Phone was fun to learn and use. I loved the camera’s ability to focus quickly and the manual focus feature…”

Cassandre Presume from Los Angeles, US submitted his second round submission through Vine and it’s called ‘Always On, Always Connected’, which depicts all the friends he’s made because of technology and the internet.

Here are links, where you can find Round submissions and finalists’ profiles:
Nick Rabin
Anurag Verma
Ajeet Mestry
Walker Esner
Samrawit Asfaw
Mia Mullarkey
Kristian Cruz
Nate Bernard
Nathan Thomas
Cassandre Presume
Social Media Week, Microsoft and Talenthouse want to thank the entire creative community for participating and submitting outstanding work.

Congrats to all the selected artists & finalists.

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