The 2014 Marketer’s Guide To Halloween: Top #Hashtags For Twitter & Instagram

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The time is upon us for brands to participate in the hashtaggery of Halloween! In 2013 there were 600,000+ posts on Instagram and 200,000+ tweets using #Halloween2013, and while #Halloween2014 has already been used 1,900+ times on Twitter and 80,000+ times on Instagram, there are many more hashtags for brands to consider if they want to get their content discovered.

The chart below curates the most popular/relevant hashtags for marketers on Twitter and Instagram. It includes some helpful links to track usage in real-time, and recommendations for which hashtags to use before, during, and after Halloween.


David Trahan

Senior Strategist , MRY


David Trahan is a Sr. Strategist with MRY in San Francisco. He specializes in consumer behavior, branding, and digital. He is opinionated, thoughtful, and provocative at his core, and he uses his writing to re-frame ideas in a new context. David's idea of success is If he can get you to laugh, try something new, and take on a new perspective. You can follow him online @onthedavidtrain.

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