Gmail Introduces “Inbox” To Make Email Work For You



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After years of development and creation, the folks behind Google and Gmail just introduced a new mobile app called “Inbox” to help you organize your emails and be more productive. When email was created, it was a simple, internal messaging service at its purest form. Fast forward to today, and email has evolved into a primary communications tool for billions of people. From connecting with family and friends, to marketing and newsletters.

According to Google, “we get more email now than ever, important information is buried inside messages, and our most important tasks can slip through the cracks — especially when we’re working on our phones.” The new “Inbox” app


similar to groups and segmented inboxes in Gmail, this feature allows you to easily swipe through a collection of emails all related to each other. For example,see all of your bank statements in one place, and swipe away the ones you already paid.


Inbox prioritizes the most important emails, such as flight info, upcoming events, and notes from friends and family. Inbox also pulls in relevant information from the web, such as tracking information for packages.


It’s incredibly easy to set Reminders within Inbox, allowing you to get back to work instantly, and not worry about forgetting something until it reminds you. On top of Reminders, Inbox features “Assists” that save you time looking up information. If you need to buy groceries, Inbox will show you the location and hours of nearby supermarkets.

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