4 Instagram Marketing Tips From Millennials



“As an addicted Instagram user, I notice the photos and videos users will double-tap to like, ones they talk about, and ones they ignore and scroll right over.”


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As a student in New York studying Media and Communications, it’s expected of me to use just about every social media platform there is, or at least test them out. However, of all the social networks, I most frequently log in to my Instagram account. By frequently, I mean checking my Instagram account roughly 47 times per day.

As of August, more than 90% of the 150 million people on Instagram are under the age of 35. Although the total number of users is much smaller than Facebook or Twitter, Instagram is predominantly a millennial application. As an addicted Instagram user, I notice the photos and videos users will “double tap” to Like, ones they talk about, and ones they ignore and scroll right over.

For brands and marketers looking to use Instagram to grab our attention, and deliver value to us, there are some important things you should know. Rather than sit in conference rooms and bang your head against the wall trying to get into the Millennial mindset, I’m here to share with you four tips that will boost your Instagram strategy.

1. Make Us Feel Special

Offer your followers an exclusive sale, promotion, or sneak peek that is only available on Instagram. This will also expand your brand’s following because your followers want to feel like they are being noticed, so more will jump on board to get a piece of the action. For instance, “Help our page reach 50k followers and we’ll ‘direct message’ you an exclusive gift card code!” This type of post inspired your followers to repost your content and links. Your brand received free exposure, and we get a value, whether it’s a gift card sent right to our direct message box, or just a special moment behind the scenes of your company.

2. Have Consistency

Don’t go M.I.A on us! If you’re posting everyday, but then you suddenly stop for a week, there’s a strong chance we unfollow you. Nobody wants to follow a “ghost” page. It negatively impacts our follower-to-following ratio. The more you post, the more we notice your brand, the more “Likes” and comments you’ll get, the more value for everyone.

3. Beware of Poor Ratios

A page that is following more users than users who are following them is a turn off. Why? I don’t know the exact science behind this, but it’s what us millennials decided. This is an extreme example, but for instance, Chanel’s Instagram page has zero posts, following zero users and has 1.8 million followers. Or, American Express has 621 posts, also following zero users and has 45k followers. A brand that has 84 followers and is following 1,000 users looks desperate for “follow backs” and doesn’t seem like a legitimate brand such as Chanel or American Express.

4. No Reposts

Be original. We log into Instagram to see photos or images that we can’t find anywhere else. We follow our favorite brands or event pages to get exclusive “behind the scenes” content. If you’re reposting an advertisement or image onto your brand’s Instagram page, and we’ve already seen this photo on your website or online, we’re going to scroll right over it. You want to post something that will engage your follower in about 2-5 seconds.

Amanda Yodice currently resides in the East Village in New York where she attends New York University for Media, Culture & Communications. Her field of study is “Technology and Society,” which includes a heavy concentration on social media technology, persuasion and politics, public relations, advertising, and marketing. In her free time, she enjoys writing, fashion, traveling, and art.

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