How To Use Snapchat To Reach Younger Audiences



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Did you know that Snapchat’s core audience is between 13 and 25 years old, 70 percent of its users are women, and it has approximately 26 million active users just in U.S. What if I told you Snapchat users are sending 400 million pictures a day, and that, 18 percent of all iPhone owners use Snapchat.

Snapchat, an social application that used to send instant photos among friends and family, is now being used by many companies and brands looking to target millennials. But is Snapchat an app brands can successfully leverage to reach their potential audiences? And if so, what are some best practices for using this photo-text based app in a marketing strategy. Luckily, the help is here. The team at Marketo designed this infographic guide for brands intending to use Snapchat more effectively.

Best practices for brand communication on snapchat:

Create a Snapchat account.

Promote your account on other social networking platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.).
Reward followers with a use case (contest, product sneak peak, coupon, etc.) relevant to your brand. Distribute meaningful visual content through the platform to maintain engagement.
Leverage the “My Story” feature to reach all followers at once, or send more targeted content directly to followers by selecting them from your contacts.

Brands that are doing it right

Taco Bell used Snapcaht to announce the re-release of its “Beefy Cruch Burrito”. Users who added Taco Bell a friend were sent a “snap” of burrito and the new product’s release date.

Acura gave its first 100 followers a chance to see the new NSX prototype, sending them a short video clip prototype – a video the brand later posted on Instagram.

As featured on Social Fish, learn how you can use SnapChat to reach a younger audience.


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