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As the number of smartphone users continues to grow around the world, so will the demand for mobile design. Four out of five smartphone users are using their mobile devices to interact with businesses each day. If your business lacks a mobile design for your website, then you’re increasing your chances of pushing away customers from your business.

Mobile design is important for businesses because it enables brands to become more consumer-friendly to smartphone users. Instead of having to download an app or maneuver their mobile screen to view a website, mobile designed websites make it easier for consumers to read information on-the-go.

Creating a mobile design for your business doesn’t have to consume your budget or completely change your website. When creating a mobile design, think about how you can simplify your website so it can be easier to navigate for you customers. For example, can you utilize location services? Can you integrate high quality images into your website? This are just a few elements to keep in mind when creating a mobile design.

As you design your mobile website, it’s important to create a responsive design. This will make it possible for your website to be compatible with any device regardless of the size of the screen. You should also think about the type of operating systems that will be using your device and the readability of your website. These details will help you create a mobile design that’s optimized for your consumers.

Mobile design is bringing consumers and businesses closer together. If you haven’t thought about creating a mobile design, this your opportunity to get started. To learn more about creating a mobile design and how it can benefit your business, check out the infographic below:


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Hilary Smith is an experienced journalist living in Chicago, Illinois and working as a freelance writer. She is an avid sports fan and a technology junkie.

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