Shut Up and Listen! Tips for Better Brand Management in 2015



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We grew up chanting, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” However, when it comes to brand vitality, this is far from true. In fact, most companies would take a stick and stone attack over publicly disparaging remarks.

Who is Talking?

Every time a competitor says how much better their products are, an industry voice mentions your company or a past consumer talks about their purchasing experience with your company, your company is being promoted. Word of mouth is the most impressionable form of advertising and these presentations will mean a lot to those listening. Whether a reader is sharing an interesting blurb from your blog or a frustrated employee is railing on your company for poor quality standards, you are directly affected.

Social Listening

Can you hear me now?


It’s time to start listening in on the very public conversations being held about your company, employees, customer service and products on various platforms across the web. You can gain invaluable consumer insight for branding improvements and form a stronger online presence when you respond appropriately. Studies have found that most consumers have more positive feelings towards brands who respond professionally to publicly displayed complaints.

Of course, searching on your own will take countless hours and you will likely miss many important conversations. Instead, you can utilize listening tools that monitor social media, blogs and websites for specific keywords.


Focused on your brand posting, Oktopost enables lead generation and social conversations on various social platforms. Oktopost allows you to monitor the conversations you have started or are holding with other businesses and industry peers online. This tool makes it easy to track how leads are brought in by specific campaigns and schedule new campaigns. You cannot find or track brand conversations you did not initiate.


Designed to be your all-in-one Big Brother monitoring dashboard, Cyfe allows you to check out real-time data across various platforms, including Constant Contact, AdSense, Salesforce, Amazon, Facebook, WordPress, Twitter and more. Instead of spending time logging into to various dashboards to keep tabs on your stats, Cyfe will provide a bird’s eye view, including external and securely-pulled internal data. This will allow you to manage your websites, departments and social accounts on a cloud-based account that requires no downloads, installs or programming.

Social Mention

Ready to see what others are saying? Social Mention allows you an in-depth view through the looking glass to see what’s being said in real time. Not only can you check specific brand mentions on a variety of platforms, but you can even get a feel for how things are being said. Yes, this tool will actually rate the sentiment, strength, passion and reach of how your brand is being talked about by others. It breaks analytics down into number of unique users, frequency of mentions and allows you to view specific posts. You will be able to search specifically for the keywords relevant to your brand, product or services, allowing you to target your focus on specific events, marketing campaigns, products or other aspects of your business.


This listening tool allows you to manage your accounts across multiple social networks and schedule future posts. Manage your Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Google+ and LinkedIn accounts all at one place. While you may not be able to access every feature of the individual platforms, you will be able to do most things through Hootsuite and streamline your process with access to all of your accounts in one place. One great feature about this free listening tool is how it facilitates team profile management. Hootsuite allows you to delegate tasks, send private messages and view weekly analytics reports to help keep everyone on board.

Now that you know how to listen, are you brave enough to do it? Not everyone wants to know what is being said about them behind their virtual backs, but—for those that do want to pull back the curtain— social media management tools can only help strengthen your approach and improve your productivity.

So, grab a bag of popcorn and tune in to the good, the bad and the ugly.

Then, take a deep breath and respond (without any hint of hostility or vengeance), keeping in mind that timely responses are seen in a much better light by onlookers.

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