Why Is Social Media Valuable To Multichannel Retailers?



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It seems strange to think of any multichannel retailer not using social media now but there is a clear distinction between just having accounts and actually managing them to successfully promote your business. The famous Oscar Wilde quote ‘there is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about’ largely springs to mind when looking at the effects of social media.

Multichannel retailers can benefit from actively using social media in many different ways, and a number of brands have already proven this over the years. Put simply, social media platforms expand the reach of a brand, promoting the business and creating a personality which customers can engage with. The goal is to get your business talked about, for all the right reasons. Utilise social platforms within your marketing strategy by considering the three following pieces of advice.


Create a personality behind the brand

One of the often overlooked parts of social media marketing, but one of the most important, is to create a personality behind the brand. People use social platforms to interact and have fun so injecting life into your brand and adding character really does go a long way.


When setting up campaigns it is important not to forget to make them social. The more fun and creative they are, the more likely your target audience is to get involved. Specific campaigns must always add value to your existing brand image though. You only have to look towards big names like Topshop, ASOS and American Apparel to see their clearly branded personality.

Just one brilliant example is Topshop’s ‘The Social Catwalk’ campaign for 2014’s London Fashion Week which saw the retailer cement themselves as the young and fresh face of fashion. Using the unique #TOPSHOPWINDOW hashtag, they invited customers to upload their own looks on Twitter and Instagram to appear in a 3D digital mosaic in their Oxford Circus store window. This was followed by a live stream of the LFW show. They not only allowed customers the chance to engage with their brand, they also had the incentive to.

Offer promotions and competitions

Following closely on from brand personality, social media campaigns which offer promotions or competitions are largely successful. Not only can they drive traffic, they also widen your network, reaching new and potential customers. The way to make these promotions or competitions successful is to have a clear strategy from the beginning. Know which social platform to target and where you want to drive traffic to achieve sales.

If implemented wisely, competitions can run over a number of platforms by using a universal handle or hashtag. This broadens the reach, maximising participation opportunities for customers. One simple example is to offer discount on a certain sales platform by asking customers to follow your account, or share/like the post in order to get a discount code. This can be easily carried out through online sales, but to mix things up one of your stores could host a special sale to followers.

Marc Jacobs was inundated with publicity when he launched the casting campaign for his autumn 2014 ad. Calling upon people everywhere to post a picture of themselves under the hashtag #CastMeMarc to Instagram or Twitter in the hopes of becoming the new face of the brand, the campaign went viral. The relatively simple idea shows just how easy it is to use social media for promotion purposes by offering customers incentives such as promotions or competitions.


Handle customer service and queries

Social media networks can be used effectively as platforms to provide customer service and handle complaints. It allows you to instantly resolve any issues or respond quickly to questions. To avoid the long hold wait over the phone or via email, many customers will look to social media as a way to seek the help they need. Adhering to a customer’s preferred method of contact shows receptiveness.





When a company is willing to fix problems and attend to their customers it promotes a positive image, earning bonus customer service points and developing customer loyalty. Brand reputation is crucial to success; therefore, leaving customers without answers or resolutions generates negative feelings which can tarnish a brand’s name.

With so many different ways to achieve sales success and promote your brand, the world of social media has become an essential part in any marketing strategy. Build your following and keep your customers happy by creating a fun brand image, offering incentives such as competitions, and providing excellent customer service. Start your social media journey today and create the next big social campaign!

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