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When it comes to creating and maintaining a successful blog, there are many aspects that need to be provided with good attention. Every blogger may have his or her own individual style, but the basics of successful blogging is to be able to create engaging content consistently.

There are several handy guidelines and tips that can be found on the internet that are quite valuable to both young and experienced bloggers. These online resources can greatly help improve the content, while keeping the driving of traffic and the engagement of users high. This article will take a look at 13 different online resources that address these needs and help make blogging more effective.

Improve your Writing

It is important to be able to constantly keep writing fresh content and this often proves to be a big challenge to many bloggers. Fortunately, these online tools and resources can greatly help you not only improve upon your writing, but also to save your precious time.

1. Copyblogger

Copyblogger proves to be a great resource which has over 160,000 customers. The website has a great guide to copywriting named Copywriting 101, that gives tips on writing for both young and experienced content creators. You don’t need to spend time looking for a piece of advice on how to create a headline or how to finish your post – you can find all the basics in this guide.

2. Creativity Portal

Creativity Portal is a highly reputed online resource that provides useful and valuable services and guides on writing, arts, crafts, interview preparation, prompts and basically anything that requires creativity. The writing services offer valuable information and tips from e-journals and various inspirational and motivational articles from other blogs. If you need to get fresh ideas to write your content about then creativity portal is worth your visiting.

3. EssayMama Writing Service

EssayMama is an online writing service which involves the use of experienced and professional freelance writers to create good content. It can be pretty useful for anybody who needs to deal with writing and creating content on a frequent basis. Besides, on the website blog section you can find helpful tips and infographics from professional writers on how to improve your content.

4. Copyscape

Copyscape is an important and valuable online resource which provides checking of plagiarism of web content. The service is used by millions of users from around the world in order to check if the content is original, in order to prevent the occurrences of duplication of content and also in the searching of existing content on the web.

5. Grammar Girl

Grammar Girl provides users with proper grammar tips and tricks and can help in improving the content language in order to make it more appealing and effective. The tips offered are short and effective which cover guidelines for the choosing of words while adhering to the rules of grammar. There are also a number of tricks and techniques offered which can greatly help in understanding and remembering the complexities of the English language and how to use it more effectively.

Create Visual Content

Visual material and media are the biggest attractions for readers. The following online tools can prove that creation of images can be easy and fast.

6. Canva

Canva is an online tool that helps create innovative designs and graphics for blogs. The tool is free to use and offers hundreds of free templates and design elements to help users create engaging visual content. The premium version includes over a million design elements for only $1.

7. Infogram

Infogram can be used to quickly create online charts and interactive infographics on the basis of collected data. There are good options for collaboration and also the real time linking of data. The interactive infographics can be used anywhere, as also on blogs and they usually make the data more visually appealing and easier to comprehend and analyze.

8. MorgueFile

MorgueFile is a website which provides stock pictures in high resolution, which can be used in design, illustrations and many other needs. All images are completely free and there is a huge collection of high resolution images in the library for users to choose from.

9. Iconfinder

IconFinder is a website that can be used as a search engine exclusively for icons. The collection of icons is in excess of 437,000 and they feature a host of professionally themed and stylized icons which can greatly enhance the visual appeal of a blog. You don’t need to spend time on icon creating, but can use a great base of various already made icons instead.

10. Social Image Resizer Tool

Very often you may spend too much time on resizing your image for posting. This tool is a must if you work with social media on a regular basis as it allows to resize the image for each social media channel quickly.

Get Inspiration for Content Creation from Experienced Bloggers

Maintaining a blog on a regular basis can take its toll on bloggers and more often than not, bloggers find themselves completely out of creativity and motivation. At such times, the following online tools can prove to be of great help in inspiring bloggers to keep churning out quality content.

11. Problogger

Problogger is a highly acclaimed website which offers valuable tips on how to monetize a blog. The website has a wide user base and the advice and tips offered are highly reputed.

12. Moz

Moz is an online SEO software service founded in 2004, which can help in providing SEO consultation. There are also a number of inspirational articles and guides on the different elements of blogging which can really prove to motivate bloggers.

13. Blogging Tips

Blogging Tips is a comprehensive resource for tips and tricks that are often required by everyday bloggers. The website not only encompasses all of the aspects of blogging, but also provides insightful and valuable lifestyle tips which can be quite effective.

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