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With content consumption and viewing habits shifting dramatically, nearly every platform and distribution channel has released video ad products, and brands are loving it.

Why 2015 Will be the Year of Social Video’ will no doubt be an interesting discussion at Social Media Week New York this year, as the topic of social video ads is huge right now. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat are among the top 25 mobile apps of 2014, and each has their own unique video ad capabilities, so it’s no surprise that brands are in on the social video trend.

As we reimagine the future of human connectivity and the changing relationship between brands and consumers, it’s important to look at how people today consume content. Today’s consumers are highly visual and influenced by engaging content on social. According to eMarketer, B2B and B2C marketers named video as a top three most effective social marketing strategy.

Ad dollars have made a huge shift towards social video and, simultaneously, consumers share and engage with video ads now more than ever. With the uptick in social video ads, brands must look deeper into video ad performance. Engagement metrics are crucial. By incorporating specific calls-to-action (CTA) within video ad content, you can increase engagement. By including a simple CTA, such as an email opt-in prompting viewers to like or share, brands can create an ongoing relationship with consumers. From there, companies can add on different layers of engagement to keep consumers interested and engaged.

Different social platforms attract different audiences, so brands are wise to be on the right ones depending on their audience. For example, a brand like Taco Bell is wildly successful because of the demographic they reach on Snapchat, while other brands such as J.Crew reach their audience well on Instagram.

How are you customizing video ads for each platform? It’s important for brands to think about when, how and where they’re placing a CTA to seek the most engagement. Most users access Instagram and Snapchat from a mobile device –since they launched primarily as mobile apps –where they’re often scrolling through their news feed quickly, so CTAs should hit within the first 5 seconds. Facebook’s video ad capabilities are ideal for an email opt-in CTA or asking a user to comment or share.

Companies also need to think about how they can maintain and build a comprehensive video strategy. On social media, you absolutely can’t have a ‘one and done’ strategy but need to build a momentum of consistent video ads to keep an engaged audience.

The social video ad conversation is starting to heat up, and it will be exciting to see how it unfolds in 2015. Social Media Week will be part of the conversation early this year, with several companies exploring the topic with their own unique expertise.

By Jonathan Stefansky, CEO and Co-founder of Viewbix

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