Ultimate Social Media Sizes Cheat Sheet 2015



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Social marketing is an outstanding way to market yourself, your brand and your business. Whether your brand is a personal brand, business brand, or combination of the two, you need to put your always best foot forward. One great way to promote your business professionally and effectively is to optimize your social profiles with correctly sized images.Take a few minutes and browse your favorite social marketing platforms. You’ll likely quickly find that brand who has not taken the steps to optimize their social images. Their profile picture might be rectangular, not fitting well into a square template. Perhaps they’ve failed to upload a cover photo, their thumbnail images are stretched, or their tweets are missing attention-grabbing images. Brands that have not optimized their social presence are missing out on opportunities to showcase their business.

Just as you wouldn’t design a business card with incorrectly sized images and missing information, be sure to update your social profiles with great looking images that represent your brand and command attention.

There is a challenge, however, to keeping your social marketing profiles optimized. Let’s face it, social marketing platforms don’t always make it easy to keep up with their ever-changing best practices for optimizing your social profiles.

That’s where this valuable resource comes in. The infographic, “The 2015 Social Media Image Sizes Guide,” provides you with the most up-to-date social media recommended image sizes for all of the top social marketing channels including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. In addition to providing the latest recommended image sizes, the infographic shows you how your users will view your images on their social pages and bonus tips for getting the most out of your social marketing on each channel.

Never again will you need to search for the latest image sizes as keeps this infographic updated and posted on their website. Keep a link to this comprehensive guide bookmarked on your browser for easy reference as you update your social profiles and see the benefits of optimized social marketing profiles for your brand including increased exposure and engagement.


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