10 Ways To Elicit Change On International Women’s Day



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International Women’s Day is March 8, 2015; this year’s theme is Make it Happen. On this very special day, women around the world will congregate to celebrate women – their achievements, struggles and goals to make their lives even better. This incredible day has been celebrated since 1911, but becomes better and stronger every year with the addition of women motivational speakers, online forums, special dinners and even wearing the color purple – the color of gender equality.

There are thousands of events taking place around the world, making it easy to find one that you are comfortable with joining and do your part to make a difference for women in the world today.

1. Social Media

Use social media to your advantage; talk about the powers that women have and what needs to be done to gain the equality they desire. Social media messages have the ability to go viral when they are properly worded and have enough impact to make people want to spread the news. For more ideas and inspiration, follow International Women’s Day on Facebook!

2. Paint it Purple

Change your blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other social media accounts purple on March 8 to display your support for International Women’s Day. The campaign is called “Paint it Purple” and will occur worldwide.

3. Women Motivational Speakers

What better way to advocate for women than having professional women motivational speakers talk to a large audience of women? The right speaker can inform and excite the audience in order to make a change. A few of the take-aways often obtained from speeches such as these include ways to de-stress, empower, be a leader, and bounce back from failure.

4. Donate

Do you have a women’s charity that is close to your heart or that you believe in? Why not make a donation in honor of International Women’s Day? It will help the charity and help you make a difference in the world – every cent matters!

5. Be Vocal

If you are a vocal person, make a video, upload it to YouTube and send it via your social media accounts. YouTube videos are wildly popular, which means it is very possible that your message will reach much further than any local efforts you could use. As an added benefit, videos can have a local impact as well, helping you to be inspirational and powerful worldwide.

6. Create a Gathering

Do you have enough of a following that you could start your own seminar in your area? There are women motivational speakers for hire all over the world – why not bring one in to your ladies’ luncheon or “Girls’ Night Out”? What better way to make a difference and be with those that you care about most?

7. Get Online

If you are worried about the turnout at a physical gathering, use the internet to your advantage and put together a webinar. Whether you hire a professional speaker to conduct the webinar or you handle it yourself, the ability to impact others worldwide and from the comfort of their own home is there.

8. Crowdfunding

Did you know that women are the top internet users? Why not use that power to garner funds to make the changes you want to make? Crowdfunding allows you to gain funds from complete strangers around the word; the common denominator is that they believe in your cause too. It is a great platform to garner the attention you want while getting the funds needed to make that change.

9. Blog Posts

Do you own your own blog? Why not focus the month of March on empowering women? Even if you do not have a platform for which you regularly write, if you are passionate enough about the topic, there are thousands of blogs online that will welcome guest bloggers. Make your voice be heard by thousands around the world.

10. Create an Activity

Active women are the healthiest and most powerful – so why not signify that with a women’s only activity? Whether you organize a charity run, walk or any other active sport, this is the perfect day and time to get women together to show their power and skill – no matter what walk of life they may come from.

International Women’s Day is the day to show the power of women; the time to show that they are not weak, should not be subjected to violence or overlooked and replaced with the inspiration of a man.

Women have power that needs to be exuded. Show your abilities to make a difference for women everywhere with women motivational speakers, charities, or simply Painting it Purple – every little thing makes a difference and brings women one step closer to the equality they not only desire, but deserve.


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Peter Davidson works as a senior business associate helping brands and start ups to make efficient business decisions and plan proper business strategies. He is a big gadget freak who loves to share his views on latest technologies and applications.

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