Code/Interactive’s Major Plans To Add Diversity To New York Tech



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Code/Interactive, a Bronx-based organization that helps local teenagers learn how to code, has partnered with tech and media companies to create a competition that will raise awareness about the need for more diversity in tech. A contest is currently going on to select the top design for a campaign that will be featured in more than 300 subway cars throughout the city this summer.

Both private and public technology companies support Code/Interactive (C/I), which creates coding curriculums for New York City educators with an interest for the subject matter. One challenge facing young minorities is access to coding and programming courses, but possibly an even larger challenge is the perception that developers are all white males, according to Jesse Jackson of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, and one of the judges for this contest.

“You want to be what you see,” says Jackson. “Basketball is in our consciousness, and I now want tech to be as well. Having a campaign that’s in subway cars can kick off a conversation.” Once Jackson and fellow judges select a winner, the ad will be displayed in subway cars thanks to Fiverr, an online marketplace for creative professionals, which will support the campaign by covering all costs of poster distribution.

“Inclusion leads to growth, and then everybody wins. This started as a buzz, but it’s turning into a seismic boom.” – Rev. Jesse Jackson

You can enter the contest and get more details by visiting Create For A Cause. The winner will be chosen in May. Even if you don’t win, you’re still supporting Code/Interactive by showing your support and participation.

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