10 Advanced Twitter Growth Hacks To Increase Your Follower Numbers



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Growing a larger and active Twitter following is the goal of many online marketers, bloggers, social media experts, and people with the time to say something in 140 characters or less often.

Here are 10 Twitter growth hacks that you may not be using already, and advice on how you can put them in play.

This article originally appeared on Business2Community and is written by Ernest Thompson.

10 Audience growth hacks on Twitter

1. Be a big tease

Maybe ‘tease’ isn’t the right word, but building anticipation for new products and services is a great way to not only have fresh content, but to give your Twitter account relevancy. If Twitter users get the idea that you’re going to be giving out useful information about your business, they’re going to tune in more often.

Use this opportunity to send out “Hints about the unveiling next week” types of tweets. Reveal a little more, but don’t give it all away so that your Twitter fans start following this chapter in your brand story.

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2. Get outside and tweet live from industry events

Going to events in your industry is a great networking opportunity in the real world, and in the Twittersphere. When people who are interested in your industry see that you regularly attend conferences, events, parties, and other functions in the field they’ll start turning to you as a trusted voice in the industry.

Can’t make it? Watch Twitter for those who can and join in on their conversations. Twitter is one big public conversation, you’re allowed to join in!

3. Make powerful friends

A big part of viral marketing is having friends in high places. Companies like Nike can go viral easily because they have the resources and fan base built up. You can do this too by finding other people in your industry with large audiences and establishing a connection with them.

As the two of you grow more acquainted with one another they’ll be more prone to sharing your content with their large audience. A large base of people that you can connect with is a viral essential as it’s hard to go viral with only 25 followers listening to you!

4. Examine the power of social proof

Connected to the point above is social proof. This concept in a Twitter concept looks at Twitter follower numbers. Higher numbers lead to more people believing that your account is worth following on first glance. More followers, bring more followers.

5. Only pay to promote your best tweets

When you are paying to promote a tweet with Twitter’s Promoted tweet ads you had better have something great in mind with it. Tweeting about a blog post may not get you anywhere. Tweeting about that new blog post may not be your best strategy. A better use of that money would be to pay to promote your next big sale, event, or give-away.

This comes from the fact that Twitter followers are more likely to click on a promoted tweet saying “Check out the savings on our new iPads,” over a tweet which says “Click on this blog post about our newest deals on iPads.” Don’t make them work for it, just send them to the sale!

6. Send your best content out repeatedly

No, I’m not talking about spamming your Twitter followers with the same message over and over. I’m talking about tweeting your best videos, blog posts, sales, and events throughout the day to hit people in different times zones, or who may have missed it.

Be sure to hit the message from a different angle, and use a tool like HootSuite or Buffer to schedule these tweets for later in the day so you don’t spend all day on Twitter.

7. Twitter exclusive content

This is another exercise in creating value for your Twitter followers. If they can get it on Facebook, or your website, why would they bother following you on Twitter too? You can send out promo codes, images, and exclusive bargains so that Twitter users clearly see that following you is worth their time.

Be sure to mention that it is Twitter exclusive. Don’t be modest, Twitter users want to know when you’re spoiling them!

8. Try a Flock to Unlock campaign

This tip isn’t a sure thing as it’s somewhat new, but Flock to Unlock can help you build interest in your account. Flock to Unlock is a contest the happens on Twitter. The point of the contest is to have a certain number of retweets happen in order for exclusive deals, contests, and content to be unlocked.

Not only will Flock to Unlock activate your fans, but it will also help find new fans. This can be a great viral tactic for your best content.

9. Tweet out other’s user content

You’ve read this far so you know that this Twitter stuff takes some time. You can’t always have fresh content, and frankly you shouldn’t always send out your own content. Many Twitter marketers follow the 80/20 rule – that’s 80% other people’s content, and 20% your own.

No one likes the guy who only ever talks about themselves in the real world. Why would Twitter be any different? Find the content of other Twitter users, give them a @mention, and send it out to your fans. It can earn you a retweet from the user who created it, an aspect of point three above!

10. Haaaaaave you met Twitter advanced search?

Twitter advanced search is for Twitter users who want to get serious about finding the right people to speak with. You can go beyond following the trending topics, you can go beyond waiting for retweets and new fans, and you can go right to the people that matter.

Twitter is a noisey, noisey place. Twitter advanced search cuts through all that and finds you This Mashable article gets more in depth than I can in this article. Give it a read if you’re looking for some true Twitter growth hacks!

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