Why You Need To Start Taking Your Work Outdoors



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Too little of our time nowadays is spent outside. The modern workplace and the way we work has led to what experts call ‘nature deficit disorder’ – in essence depression and other problems created by not going outdoors enough.

Our office based lifestyles just don’t tend to really create lifestyle where we can benefit from the fresh air and a bit of sunshine. However, being more aware of the benefits and getting outdoors more, particularly in your work day and in the way you work could have huge benefits as can be seen here.

Why you need to get outdoors more

Getting outdoors during working hours can actually stimulate the reward centers of the brain, cutting the stress hormones. This in turn reduces the level of stress we feel and in turn results in better levels of concentration, productivity and lower mental tiredness.

In fact, there are even studies that suggest that looking at images of the outdoors have this effect to a degree. Consequently, changing your work environment could have a huge implication on the way you work. So, here are some ways to incorporate the outdoors into your working day.

Exercise and Business

Exercise and business? How do you do that? Well, how about taking a cycle ride or a walk with the person you’re having a meeting with? Instead of having the meeting sitting down in an office, why not take a 30 minute trip outside and discuss the issue. It reduces the likelihood of being distracted by email or a PC and also helps provide the aforementioned benefits to the brain.

Outdoor Office

So many of us hit a coffee shop to work, but few of us tend to sit outside when enjoying our latte. Taking your work with you to the coffee shop and enjoying the outdoor facilities provided can really allow you to benefit from the outdoors when working. In fact, some office recognize the benefits to such a degree they encourage workers to work on rooftop lounges for a period of the day, rather than in the office itself.

Nature Indoors

If you can’t work outside then why not take nature indoors. There are numerous ways to bring the world inside into your office cubicle and there are numerous studies to suggest there are positives. Plants on a desk are claimed to notably help with concentration. Alternatively, those working from home may find that instead of working the spare bedroom an outdoors garden office or modular building could be what they need and create a better work environment.

Dine Outdoors

Taking lunch outdoors can potentially be very beneficial too. If you have the chance to get out for your lunch then take it. In fact, some businesses in sunnier climes have brown bag outdoor lunches a few times a week to encourage staff to get out and about together to eat. Once again here are numerous studies to suggest it helps improve moods and also energy levels as well as productivity.

Working indoors in a small cubicle and away from natural light doesn’t benefit humans and is a long way away from their natural environment. Getting outside, even just for 30 minutes, can be notable beneficial and provide all sorts of positives in the work place.

So, whether you work from home, are an employee or head of a company get outside and encourage others to do the same. It helps with productivity, motivation and well being and it’s also good for your health.

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