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Social media is more than just a way to connect with your customers and make connections that may help you to improve your business. It’s also a great sales tool – one that will allow you to talk directly to your customer and provide you with immediate feedback that can help you ensure you are meeting your customers’ needs.

Using social media to boost sales takes creativity. Some networks are hard to market on since most people aren’t on social media to shop. But that doesn’t mean you can’t utilize different social media venues to put your business in front of the people who are most likely to be interested in it and then give them the option to buy. Here’s how.

  • Determine where your customer base spends the most time. There are a number of different social media outlets these days. While Facebook and Twitter may be the most popular, they may not be where you’ll find the most concentrated body of customers for your particular venture.

Ask yourself the following questions about your customers:

    • Who is most likely to buy my product or service? (e.g., male or female, age group, education level, income level, etc.)
    • Where do my customers live? (e.g., rural area, suburbs, city, etc.)
    • How are they employed? (e.g., hourly jobs, self-employed, professionals, etc.)
    • How do they spend their downtime? (e.g., online or off, traveling, etc.)
    • Why do they want my product/service and what other products/services are they interested in?

The more you know about your customer, the more likely you are to hone in on the social media outlet that is most likely to attract them. For example, if you sell knitting and craft supplies, rather than simply throw up a page on Facebook, you might also build a presence on Raverly and other craft social media sites.

  • Maintain a consistent presence. Once you make your appearance on your social media outlets of choice, engage with your community of customers regularly. This starts with providing excellent and interesting content that is useful to your customers. When you continually connect them with helpful information that aids them in accomplishing what they would like to do, you establish trust and build your brand as one that understands the needs of the community.

In addition to posting things that are relevant to your customers’ needs, you can connect on a more personal level by interacting with their posts as well. A consistent presence continually reminds your customers that you are not only there and available to provide a service or product but that you are also the best possible choice to serve their needs.

  • Provide social media users with the option to take action. You’ve shown up and let people know you are there. You’ve demonstrated that you know what you’re talking about and that you are an authoritative source for their needs. Now give them the opportunity to utilize your services by offering a call to action in your posts that tells them exactly how they can connect with you. Your posts have made it clear that you are an expert, so remind them that all they have to do to take full advantage is reach out for personal assistance or make a purchase.

All it takes to sell on social media is to be in the right place with the right information and offer customers the access they need to close the deal. The cherry on top is that it’s a free marketing option as well as a personal connection with your customers that you can make use of today.

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