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More brands are continuing to understand the importance of community building. While your content will be directed to the larger community as a whole, it’s key to remember that the community is comprised of unique individuals who have specific needs and desires. You don’t just want a large fan base, but a solid group of engaged followers who will actively contribute to your brand’s development. Read on for three tips that will allow you to build a stronger, thriving community.

1. Make your content relevant.

Do your research to truly get a feel for the audience to whom you wish to appeal and attract. By doing so, you’ll discover more nuanced angles for the content your brand will deliver via your website and blog. Keep your eyes on social discussions between community members, see if certain themes or interests are reiterated, and craft unique content around that. Once you find and build upon these niches, pay extra attention to your tone and word choice. A creative title or theme brainstorm can elevate your content and expand its reach as opposed to stale or uniform copy. Write your content in a style that you yourself would actually want to read, and you’ll be sure to keep your content relevant while commanding the attention of your users.


2. Focus on personalization.

The web is an endless source of infinite information. It’s easy for your users to feel lost or insignificant amongst the throngs of content and large seas of fans and followers. It’s in every company’s best interest to quell this potential negativity by recognizing the individuals within your community on a truly personal level. Address community members by name, keep tabs on former correspondence you’ve had with them, and converse in a natural tone that isn’t scripted. Users want to know that there’s a human figure behind the brand who actually listens and responds to their input. They’ll notice and appreciate your authenticity, and therefore have a positive connotation with your brand.


3. Incorporate multimedia and hot spots of interaction.

Internet users are a choosy and demanding bunch. They want an attractive user experience, constant interaction, and compelling content that will continuously engage with and drive their interests. Recognize and respect the propensities of your community members by providing them with the content you’d like to distribute, but in the form that they prefer. Long reads take work, which internet users don’t often have the time or attention to afford. Provide users with an enticing, multilayered experience by incorporating elevated design elements, high-quality photos and videos, infographics, and the like into your copy. You can also turn comments into lively conversations by incorporating an on-site social network into your website, initiating real-time correspondence between community members across the globe. Your community wants what’s hottest, newest, and latest, so keep up with the times and be sure to integrate vivid visuals and new technologies so your brand will stand out from the pack.

At the end of the day, you need your community members to be on your side and to champion your brand on a grassroots level. By capturing their attention and recognizing their unique personalities and needs, you’ll win their hearts and continue to provide them with interesting, relevant content that will positively reflect your brand.


About The Author

Ben Shwartz is the vice president of marketing for Spot.IM, the first “everywhere” social network. He loves to buy and sell websites, and immerse himself in anything and everything in the realm of online marketing.

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