7 Ways Using Social Media Can Save You Money



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Social networks can be wondrously productive entities when used correctly. They are great for connecting you with employers, educating you about today’s news, and sharing your own critical thinking insights. But did you know that they can also help you to save money?

It’s true! Some of your favorite websites are great for not only passing time, connecting with businesses, and catching up with friends, but they can also be a useful aid in finding great deals on products and services. Here are seven ways that you can save money and live better just by using social media in clever, new ways.

1. Follow Businesses

Companies like to reward their most loyal customers, and that means sending out deals on more than just the email list. If you follow your favorite businesses on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, you’re likely to see even more flash deals, special coupons, and even freebies that most likely won’t be included elsewhere.

2. Connect with Daily Deal Websites

Discover great deals on major retailers like Old Navy, Gap, Nordstrom, The Home Depot, and more by simply visiting daily deal websites. By visiting these websites at any given time, you can find great deals for retailers all over the world, made for your location and interests, but if you connect with these websites on social media, you’ll see the deals as they happen, with even more coupons coming your way because of your connection.

3. Find Great Deals on Favorite Products

Social media has the ability to track your browsing and purchasing history in order to assess the kinds of products and services you like most. They can show you all of the greatest sales and coupons from your favorite places through their targeted advertisement system.

4. Learn Frugal DIY Projects

Both Facebook and Pinterest are hubs of ideas for the frugal DIY projects. You can learn life hacks, crafts, renovation tips, and more that could save you hundreds, depending on the project you tackle. It could be as simple as making your own disinfectant cleaner or as complex as refinishing your kitchen cabinets. Whatever it is, the savings that come from DIY projects will offer you both peace of mind and satisfaction for a job well done.

5. Find Freebies

There are actually entire websites devoted to giving away free stuff, and when you follow them on Twitter and Facebook, you can score big. Furthermore, the businesses that you follow will often offer swag products and giveaways in order to promote their social media following. Take advantage of these freebies by keeping up with your favorite businesses via social media.

6. Boost Your Credit

As odd as it sounds, you can actually use social media to boost your credit score. Websites like CreditKarma and LendingClub are all over social media and are dedicated to credit education. Too many young people are unaware of the importance of a good credit score, and by following these websites, they can learn tips and tricks, find special deals and promotions, learn their own credit score, and even receive a personal consultation on how to improve their current ratings.

7. Word of Mouth

Word of mouth in saving money probably holds more clout than anything else. Eighty-four percent of customers say that they primarily trust word of mouth when it comes to making purchasing decisions. In other words, if you hear about a great deal on social media, you’re more likely to try it out for yourself, which often leads to significantly increased savings for your wallet.

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