3 Things Tumblr Learned Working With The Creative Class

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Tumblr is now the leader in “most time spent on any social media platform”, and the fastest growing social network in the last year. As a platform that allows users to build personalized home pages to archive, share, create, aggregate, and feature their art and content all in one place, Tumblr’s mission continues to strive towards “empowering the world’s creators to make their best work, and get it in front of the audience they deserve.”

From featuring artists on user dashboards to collaborating with television programs, Tumblr established relationships with artists and curators for offline activations, charity work, brand collaborations, movie advertisements, and live broadcast programs over a six month stretch. It was following the success of this strategy that Tumblr learned more about the “Creative Class”.

We’re incredibly excited about the growth we’ve seen from our Creatrs Network. The world’s biggest brands are seeking out our Tumblr artists to power their content marketing campaigns at an amazing pace — and the creative is both beautiful and engaging. In the first 6 months of 2015, we’re already outpacing all of last year with over 200% growth and three times the number of campaigns.”
David Hayes, Head of Creative Strategy, Tumblr

1. Creators should be credited as artists

With the “Creative Class” having multiple talents and various content it has become increasingly difficult to define them specifically as photographers, GIF artists, designers, or film makers. Because of this, Tumblr defines each member of the “Creative Class” as artists. Defining these individuals as artists is the key differentiating factor for Tumblr’s branded content versus that of other social media platforms. Tumblr recognized their capabilities and reach, and embarked on advancing the artists’ careers after identifying pilot artist Cindy Suen’s work across the web, and even displayed at museums. This allowed Tumblr to realize that any one of their artists could be the next greatest cultural icon!

2. Art deserves a home

Although tons and tons of content is shared every second, there is rarely ever a place for the content to return, thus limiting the artists chances of gaining recognition for their work. Members of Tumblr’s “Creative Class” have large followings across multiple social channels, but they all use Tumblr as an overall hub for their content. Positioning the content int his way further establishes Tumblr artists’ content because it is searchable, organized, and easily malleable.

3. Open to interpretation and Close with Collectability

These are themes that Tumblr pitches to brands and partners alike when working with the “Creative Class”. It’s important that brands accept their partnership with an artist, rather than a social media content creator. Accepting this helps alleviate any restrictions to allow artists to interpret the brand message in unique ways through the medium of their choice. Artists, now more than ever, have a direct opportunity to reinterpret a brand, and what that brand represents, through their own visual aesthetic and taste.

LaChane Hodnett

Freelancer, Self

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