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For many of us the dream of working from a tropical island seems like an enviable one. The thought of lounging on a sandy beach, cocktail in one hand and laptop in the other is one that many aspire to.

The reality is this sort of a life is not that hard to achieve. With a little tenacity, some skill and a smidgen of research working freelance on the web and travelling can become a reality. It’s perfect, you see the world, earn as you go and live life on your terms a lot of the time. So, what should you consider?


Remember you need a skill to live this sort of lifestyle and in a lot of ways this means thinking a little outside the box. There’s so many ways that you can work online and so many expertise can be altered to work online, even if it doesn’t seem possible at first. The main thing is to be a little ingenious. We recently read an example of a law graduate that wanted to travel the world but was afraid that because he couldn’t offer a physical presence his skills would be no use. The solution he came to was to offer legal coaching online, as well as to publish eBooks – both of which earned him enough to travel the world.

Simply, be innovative and come up with a plan to work online and you’ll most likely be able to achieve this lifestyle and work online and travel.

Setting up a new business takes time, so try and ensure you have some reserves if you’re starting from scratch. Even though life in a lot of countries you travel through may cost a lot less than at home, you’ll need a lump sum to get started and live when you start building your business up. Some become solvent faster than others, but try and be logical when it comes to having reserves.

Technology helps

Working away from a traditional setting means that you need to have a strong focus on technology and how to make the most of your time. Needless to say your main worry will be finding an Internet connection – this has become a lot easier in the last few years luckily.

Of course, owing to different time zones contact can also be something that needs to be planned for and in this case virtual offices and virtual receptionists can be of great service as they pick up calls and relay messages when you can’t. Web conferencing tech and Skype are also fantastic and allow for easy meetings face to face. And in addition, there’s a whole raft of apps out there that also can be fantastic for organizing, scheduling and making your life more productive.

The key is to use technology to get things done and depending on your business, different tech will work well for you.

Partners can Help

Traveling with somebody else is great as you share and experience, but it also makes working abroad a lot easier. Facing freelancing with another freelancer can work well as either of you has a skill the other can use and often work you can pass between each other, which means more income. Just make sure you’re on the same page before your start.


A virtual assistant is a fantastic addition as they tend to perform a lot of the tasks that otherwise take time but not that much skill. From writing content to uploading photos or performing some simple coding, using sites like Fiverr and others allow you to save time and make money. Key is to identify your strengths, make the most of them and outsource the rest to someone at a fraction of the cost.

Balance Work and Play

Freelancing is a balancing act and being able to balance work and play is one of the big things that a good freelancer needs to do, especially when traveling. This balance can be skewed either way, some people work more than they want when traveling and others don’t work enough. Learn how to create that balance when on the road to achieve the life you want and enjoy your time seeing this great blue orb.

Traveling and working can be a fantastic opportunity and one that allows you to be your own boss, see the world and set up a valuable business.

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