The Secrets of Effective Twitter Marketing



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Twitter is probably one of the best social media platforms for marketers to exploit. It has managed to offer some stunning results to tons of marketers throughout the globe, and hence something that can be nothing less than a goldmine for marketers who can understand its ins and outs properly.

What Twitter has in store for the marketers?

Also, though some may argue that Facebook may turn out to be a better marketing option than Twitter, the latter probably allows one to be more effective, besides offering an even marketing platform. Furthermore, it is something one can utilize to the fullest pretty quickly, without having to dwell into any complicated stuff. It’s pretty simple and offers great potential. Probably all one needs is to add a special twist and some creativity, and they’ll get going with marketing quite effectively on the platform.

Important things to keep in mind

However, although it all sounds a bit too easy, it actually isn’t. It’s a simple platform, yes, but you need to know some important things in order to avoid wasting a ton of time trying to learn them all the hard way. Some of the most important things any marketer looking to capitalize on the huge social media platform should keep in mind are:

Content is the king here as well

Well, you’d rarely find any online marketing platform where content isn’t the king. When it comes to Twitter, the picture is no different. One is always required to post quality and engaging content on the site in order to attract their target audience. After all, Twitter is something most people usually browse for fun. Hence, they usually wouldn’t like landing on a pile of information, but rather something that amuses them in some way, and still provides them something useful.

Pictures seem to be a great option as well

As mentioned above, people on Twitter tend to be in a light-hearted mood, and hence anything that seems fun will probably attract them immediately. Pictures, especially the ones that manage to grab attention, can hence be quite a good option to attract a considerable amount of followers in no time.

Creativity is the name of the game

Creativity seems to be the most important factors over everything when it comes to marketing on Twitter. The more creative you manage to be, the more quickly success will come your way. Always note the fact that you’re given a mere 160 word limit to make your message as convincing and attractive as you can. So you obviously need to be very creative with how you use those words.

If you post 160 words of pure promotion, you might as well forget about getting any quality traffic out of your efforts on the site. Instead, 160 words of creative, engaging content will probably make it for you. For example, look at the below tweet sample:

Regardless of how many buyers have rejected your house or the condition it is in right now, we’re interested in it. We guarantee to buy any house!

Now though one can easily smell promotion in this particular tweet, it’s far from being purely promotional. It is attractive, it is engaging, and it is attention-seeking. In short, it is exactly what you need to market effectively on Twitter.

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