10 Simple Yet Overlooked Ways to Grow Your Blog



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All bloggers are different, but there is one thing they have in common: they all strive for popularity. It doesn’t matter whether you are blogging for your own pleasure or you want to make money; you write because you want someone to read your words. That being said, the marketing aspect is a very important part of your work.

Although the mission of gaining more attention requires a lot of work, it will become easier when you choose some of the following 10 ways to make your blog more popular.

1. Start from the blog itself!

Writing great posts and promoting them through different channels is not enough if your site doesn’t do its part. You have to work on the design. Choose a clean template that doesn’t confuse the visitors. Make sure to feature your most popular posts in a separate section. The About page is very important, so introduce yourself and tell the readers what your blog is all about.

2. Be social!

Search engines won’t get you the traffic you expect, so you need to introduce each post to social sites. Don’t limit yourself to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Other platforms should also become part of your daily routine.

3. Encourage readers’ comments!

A simple question in the conclusion of your post will invite your readers to share their experiences and opinions. The popularity of your blog is determined by the comments you get, so make an effort to spark a discussion and get involved in it.

4. Have a clear purpose

Let’s say this reader found the solution for his cat’s eye problem. He will also want your recommendations for cat shampoos, food, and other topics related to this interest. If you publish a great post about cats and then continue writing about real estate, literature, architecture, and all other things you are interested in, you won’t attract many loyal readers.

Sticking to a particular niche is one of the most important ways to make your blog popular.

5. Post top-quality content

Seriously, you cannot have a popular blog and make money from it if you don’t pay attention to the content you feature. Your readers will expect to find answers to their questions, as well as advice they can implement into practice.

When you get stuck with a particular post, a rushessay writing service can help you get through the block and continue working with full speed.

6. Collaborate with popular bloggers

Don’t see popular bloggers as competition; they can become your collaborators. Offer guest posts on influential blogs. Do your best to write great content, and you can expect many new visitors on your site.

7. Add your blog to directories

Although it’s not necessary to feature your blog in directories, it’s certainly beneficial when you want to boost your base of readers. Some of the directories you should consider are Bloghub and Fuel My Blog. In addition, you should also consider submitting content to article directories, such as GoArticles, Ezine Articles, and Hub Pages.

8. Offer tutorials and list articles

Even people who are not interested in following and reading blogs love these types of posts. Offer simple solutions and choose an intriguing title for your post (for example “10 ways to make $100 online today”); and you’ll get plenty of new visitors.

9. Add sharing buttons

When a reader finds an awesome post on your blog, he won’t bother copying the link and then sharing it as an update on social media. You should make things easy for him, so feature the needed buttons that will enable instant popularization of your site.

10. Write SEO-friendly content

Many bloggers neglect this important aspect of content writing. Writing SEO-friendly posts doesn’t mean you’ll need to stuff them with unnecessary keywords. You should implement them in an effortless way. Your readers won’t even notice this strategy, but Google will certainly appreciate it.

Do you have your own ways of boosting the popularity of your blog? Share the steps that led you to success!

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