6 Things You Should Know Before Applying to a Social Media Job



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Are you thinking about getting a job in social media? Here is some important information on various roles in the social media industry. I wish I had this advice when I started! Without further adieu…

1. Understand the Social Media Professional Hierarchy

It is important to understand the hierarchy of a typical social media department. The highest social media role will more than likely be a Social Media (SM) Director. The SM Director typically will have an SM Manager and Coordinator working under him/her. As a generalization, a Coordinator is typically a recent college graduate, and a Manager usually has 2-5 years of experience. As a trend, many SM Directors have about 5-10 years of experience, including social, digital and traditional marketing experience.

2. Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

If you are applying for a job in social media, it will help to have robust personal profiles. Social media is a fantastic industry with a low barrier of entry. What I mean by this is anyone can create a social media profile; there is nothing standing in your way! In an interview, talk about the success you have had branding yourself and demonstrate your social media knowledge and expertise.

3. Above and Beyond the Description

A social media job with a company that does not have a dedicated graphic designer will require you to have above average graphic design skills. Get educated with free resources and graphic design software. Learn the lingo; hex codes, spec size, and png should all become part of your lingo.

4. There Are Some More Technical Aspects

Familiarize yourself with content management systems and contest hosting platforms. A large part of social media jobs include content management and interaction. Future employers want you to hit the ground running. Many CMS platforms offer a thirty-day trial. Know the ins and outs and pros and cons of the platform.

5. Read the News; Think Ahead of the News

Pride yourself on staying up to date. When hiring a social media professional, I usually test how “in tune” they are with the industry by asking for their opinion about a current event. It will eventually be your job to stay ahead of the curve, so start before you are even hired!

6. Data is a Marketer’s Best Friend

The ability to connect the dots between social media and website analytics is a must-have skill. Find a way to know Google Analytics metrics like the back of your hand. Google offers free training!

Megan Pruitt is passionate about helping other social media managers stay ahead of current trends in new and emerging media. Having started four different agencies social media department and having managed the social media presences for brands like; Pep Boys, QVC, Party City, Lane Bryant, Firehouse Subs and many more, she is well equipped to tackle business strategy topics for social media professionals.

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