17 Photos That Prove AfroPunk is More Than Just a Music Festival



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Last weekend (August 22-23) I attended AfroPunk Fest in Brooklyn’s Commodore Barry Park. For those of you who don’t know what AfroPunk is, it stemmed from a 2003 documentary titled Afro-Punk. The film shed light on “a generation of young black people enamored with punk music and its aesthetics, but who had been rejected by the scene and fellow blacks for loving something that seemed so inherently white.” Read more on that here.

This year was the first time festival goers had to pay for tickets; the change in policy did not deserve any of the complaints it received. When compared to other two day festivals, like Budweiser Made in America, which charges $150 for General Admission tickets, AfroPunk is way less at $70. AfroPunk was also generous in making it possible to attend the event for FREE by providing multiple ways to earn a ticket.

I spent the second day absorbing and capturing the experience of the festival, rather than being smashed by hundreds of bodies all trying to join me in the front to view artists like SZA, Kelis and Lauryn Hill on the first day. Being the marketer that I am, I handed out business cards to everyone I photographed and gained 40+ new Instagram followers.

AfroPunk isn’t like any other concert or festival I’ve been to. Besides dressing up to see Lady Gaga (because who doesn’t do that?), I typically wear normal clothing to these types of events. However, for AfroPunk I actually put time and effort into my outfit choices and still managed to fade into the background in comparison to the many fashionistas that took the festival grounds by storm. I was positively overwhelmed by the beauty everyone radiated at AfroPunk. Everywhere I turned I saw big, curly afros; colorful sunglasses; bold lipstick; henna, tattoos, and body paint; vibrant, cultural garb; you name it. AfroPunk fest was a deep dive into Afrocentric style and here are the photos to prove it!

Image credit: anyBritt Photography


































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