Are You Guilty of Using Too Many Gadgets?



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This article was originally published on Time Management Ninja by Craig Jarrow

The other day, I was with a colleague who was carrying three phones.

Yes, three phones.

I did a double-take (or maybe it was a triple-take) before asking why she was carrying all the devices.

It turns out that one was for business, one was personal, and the third? I am still not sure, but she mumbled something about being in the process of switching across devices.

Maybe you aren’t carrying three phones, but are you guilty of trying to maintain too many gadgets?

Too Many Gadgets is Too Much

Needless to say, my friend was burdened down by carrying three phones. Besides the physical hassle of carrying them around, she had to deal with figuring out which one held specific information she was seeking.

(I was tempted to call one of them, just to watch the fun of seeing her determining which one was ringing.)

These days, it seems a new gadget comes out every week. If you are constantly adding to your toolkit, soon your pockets will have more tools than Batman’s utility belt.

What are you carrying these days?

  • Phone
  • Tablet
  • Smartwatch
  • Fitbit
  • Kindle
  • And on, and on…

Each of these gadgets needs care and feeding. (Or at least charging and upkeep.) And at some point, you have to ask when all these tools are actually helping you or just weighing you down.

Limit Your Technology

It is important to remember that gadgets, by themselves, don’t improve productivity.

You can use them to lift you to success, or your can ride them to distraction and ruin.

“Your gadgets should save you time and effort, not take up space and add burden to your life.”

As a self-proclaimed “techie,” I do have several technology platforms that I utilize, ranging from my iMac to my MacBook to my iPad to my iPhone. (And yes, Apple Watch.)

However, I consider them one device. Why? Because they are all linked and the data synced from one to another. I can pick up any of my devices and start right where I left off.

Here are a few considerations if you use multiple gadgets:

  • One Tool for Each Task – You don’t need more than one gadget that does the same thing. Why wear a Fitbit, if your phone or watch is tracking the same information?
  • Data Available Across Each – You should not have to search multiple gadgets to find a piece of information. From notes, to tasks, to your calendar, make sure that you information automatically syncs across all your devices.
  • Backed Up – If you were to lose one of your devices, is your data backed up and secure? Too many people live in the “danger zone” of not backing up their important data, information, and photos.

Fewer Gadgets, More Done

Resist the urge to add an additional gadget just because it is shiny and new.

Unless it solves a problem, or saves you time, you are just adding to your life’s complexity. You will have one more device to charge, carry, and keep track of.

When it comes to technology, fewer gadgets is usually more productive. The simpler your system, the more you can get done.

Limit your gadgets, and get more work done rather than juggling your technology all day.

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