7 Content Sources that Take the Stress Out of Social Media Sharing



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If you’ve been looking for ways to boost the online popularity of your brand, you’ve probably come across this advice several times: share great content! So, in addition to managing your business, you also have to think about writing articles and publishing engaging, interesting stories. That makes your job much more difficult, but there are several ways to handle the situation more efficiently.

For example, if you are unable to write your own content, you can hire a professional service or freelancers to help you create content or even choose the right type of articles to push out to your customers. Instead of spending a huge chunk of your day sharing links on social media and interacting with the audience, you need to make this process shorter and more productive. The following seven tools will help you do that.

1. Reddit

You don’t have to use different websites for reading news, entering discussions, having fun, and socializing. Reddit has it all! How will you benefit from this network? One word: sub-Reddit. These categories, dedicated to particular interests and topics, enable you to promote your brand and build your online reputation at the same time.

Reddit’s search bar will take you to the niche you’re after, so type a keyword and get to action. Show your wisdom in the discussions and help your target audience get the solutions they need. When you get recognized as an expert, people will promote your site on social media for you!

2. BuzzSumo

Before you write shareable content, you need to know everything about the trending topics in your niche. Thanks to BuzzSumo, you can find out what kind of content is popular on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest. Use the filter to locate results according to date and type. When you identify the popular stories, try to write something better. Tell your target audience how your brand is exactly what they are looking for in context of the trending topics.

3. Topsy

How can you find out which hashtags are popular on Twitter? Of course, you’re not interested in Kardashian and other random trends; you want to focus on the niche of your brand. Use Topsy! This tool enables you to filter the results by searching for relevant keywords. You’ll get photos, videos, links, tweets, and Twitter influences in the results. Use that information to boost social media sharing.

4. Feedly

This RSS news feed aggregator is more useful than you can imagine. First of all, it enables you to locate relevant online content and organize it in a functional feed. However, you can also use Feebly to gather content from Google News and competitive blogs. Believe it or not, you don’t have to share solely unique content associated to your brand if you want to boost its popularity. Promote the articles you see on your feed. That will relieve you from a huge load of stress: you’ll always have new content to recommend to your readers.

5. Learnist

You probably know that Learnist enables you to browse through trending content in several niches. The tool is mostly intended to feed people’s interests in sports, academics, entertainment, etc. However, the topics related to your business will certainly enable you to become aware of your target readers’ expectations. Then, you can offer content they will love to share.

6. Content Gems

You don’t have time to search for trending content? Then allow Content Gems to take that responsibility. This platform reviews a huge base of blogs, news, and social media sources to filter the most relevant content and deliver it to your inbox. All you need to do is configure the settings and go through the suggestions you get via email.

7. Buffer

Now that you know where to find content for inspiration and social media sharing, there is only one other aspect to take care of: promoting it on different social media networks without wasting too much time. Buffer enables stress-free management of multiple accounts. You can schedule social media posts at peak times, and Buffer will take care of the rest. You’ll also get suggestions for content worth sharing, so this tool can be a useful resource when you don’t have time to do a better research.

Although it will take a bit of time to configure these tools according to your preferences, that investment will result in tons of resources that can serve as an inspiration for your own content. Remember: scheduling is great and it will save you tons of time. However, you’ll still have a responsibility to engage with your audience in order to make your brand popular!

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